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the Wall from mass-produced furniture

And whether it is impossible to execute the elementary wall with the minimum expenses of work, and besides quickly? Such variants are really possible, and without any discounts for quality. It is a question of modular walls from that mass-produced furniture that at you already is. A bookcase, a clothes, a sofa bed, book shelves, a curbstone under the TV, low lockers - all typical. Precisely same or very similar furniture we see at many acquaintances. And strangely enough, will gain us the standard.

The matter is that the mass piece furniture of ten years is issued with observance of the uniform dimensional module. Bookcases, sideboards, clothes, as a rule, one height and width, and only depth at them different. But it not a hindrance for creation of originally original and convenient wall.

The wall Device about which there is a speech, at all end in itself and not a craze - it considerably will raise comfort level, having allowed to use much more economically not only the area, but also apartment volume.

We will consider All standard pieces of furniture as blocks, cubes from which we will start to construct a wall. However, in other cases something should be completed all the same to connect among themselves piece furniture. Even at the limited quantity of subjects it is possible to receive the big variety of variants.

We will Pack at first on a paper in scale already habitual to us: 1:10 or 1:20. We understand your difficulty: how to pack? That it means - simply to put one formatku to another, i.e. As though to shift all furniture closely?

Is not present, of course, simple sdvizhka will give nothing - so it is possible to be interrupted only for the period of repair. In that and a problem not mechanically to connect isolated subjects, and to create from them the harmonious whole. For this purpose can be demanded dobornye elements - regiments, inserts, doors and so forth

The Glazed book shelves are especially valuable to such composition, and in places can be useful beautiful shtorki which will draw those "free" capacities formed as a result of your composite work. And now again look at a room as it is. How many in it of separate subjects! On your new, a new view it looks encumbered and unorganized? At new configuration all was cleaned on one wall, and the room became more spacious, though the quantity of capacities has considerably increased.

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