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Illumination. Light circle

The Fire in a cave, luchina in a log hut, a candle, a gas small horn in the house, an electrolamp - such is evolution of fixtures in premises. Light really the wizard, it makes bewitching impression, is capable to transform space amazingly. Our eyes so are arranged to see forms shined. And it is not casual people for a long time gave so much attention to registration of fixtures, their placing. What only designs it is not thought up!

We have entered into a vestibule and at once at a door have pressed the switch: the ceiling fixture in one bulb was lighted. Except it, it is desirable to have a sconce over a mirror which light should shine the person, but not blind an eye. In a bathroom the fixture one. And the place at it is defined once and for all: over a washstand. Type - wall, closed that the moisture inside did not get. Sometimes on the right and to the left of a mirror two luminescent lamps are put - illumination turns out equal and bright. In a toilet enough one bulb concluded or in the wall fixture, or in the ceiling. But the sconce variant is possible also.

And here on kitchen of one central fixture will be insufficiently. The light source over a desktop that the mistress in twilight has not mixed a potato with onions or salt with sugar is required. If in kitchen there is a dining table light flowing on it from is pleasant is low the located lamp. It can go down on a cord from a ceiling or to be suspended on an arm. By the way, a curious detail: experts assert that bright light stimulates appetite. Therefore to the one who thirsts to grow thin, costs, probably to have supper at candles.

In a nursery of variants of illumination set. Certainly, there should be a central fixture. And except it, a desk lamp. The floor lamp here represents certain danger as at game can be overturned, and consequences of it are unpredictable. The sconce in a nursery is excessive. It is necessary to consider that children often play on a floor, hence, proceeding from it, and it is necessary to count light exposure of a room. Such variant is possible also: instead of one central - some ceiling fixtures which will fill in with light a nursery. Can be and one fixture, but such that in case of need it was possible to change its site. For example, by means of a long cord to suspend on hooks in a ceiling then, there. Fixtures should be more amusing, including the self-made.

And, at last, we in the general room. Never start to think over its illumination from a chandelier. Why? Very simply: the place for it is already defined - in the center. And what to it to be - depends on conditions, from furniture, other fixtures, an interior colour score. We will define places where light circle can be necessary for us. Over a sofa. Over an armchair. Over a coffee table. If there is a desk, that, naturally, he demands special illumination. Allocation from an interior of a room of a surface of a table favours to the counterbalanced mental condition, promotes higher working capacity. Undoubtedly, here the lamp on sharnirnyh will be convenient or flexible connections - in this case the light source site can be changed in space. The toilet little table too demands the separate fixture. There is a dining table - illumination of its surface is required. Over a sofa conveniently sconce as for the night it is displayed, and before a dream always pulls something to esteem. The circle of light at an armchair will create a sconce or a floor lamp, at a toilet little table - a sconce. Light of a low trailing lamp over a table lunch or journal is effective.

the Central fixture. It can be a chandelier, but hardly the young family should get the bulky crystal. Not only that it is expensive, so also introduces with itself in an interior solemn coldness, ofitsialnost - the qualities approaching to internal furniture, say, of theatre, but in any way premises. Well and, among other things, plafonds from openwork glass or crystal give additional patches of light, and it is undesirable loading for eyes. The variant with a lamp shade, including the self-made is possible.

the Floor lamp - a little bulky lighting construction, however it is convenient the mobility. By the way, the floor lamp put near a desk can perfectly cope with illumination of its surface at work, replacing a desk lamp or a sconce. But the sconce have other advantage, it as though is near at hand, its name is not casual occurs from French bras - a hand.

We will not forget and about a candle. Their decorative advantages are doubtless. Candles are not obligatory for lighting, their presence and so brings charm and warmth. And the quivering live uvula of a flame in a New Year's eve - that can be finer!

Except a cosiness, for each employment quite certain light exposure is required also. Corresponding norms are developed. For example, for plotting light exposure of a surface of a table should be not less than 500 lux, In transfer into popular language it will mean: a bulb capacity in 150 watt in metre over a table. If the mistress is engaged in sewing it is 100 watt on distance 20-30 see If read, enough 60 watt, removed from the book or the newspaper approximately on half-metre. Ware washing - 40 watt and too half-metre. With the years there is a requirement for more intensive light exposure. Recollect it if the elderly person lives in apartment.

Though colour of plafonds, lamp shades is thought over by manufacturers, all the same we will give some advice. Cold tone - dark blue, blue, all shades violet are of little use for lighting devices: they give lifelessness to shined space. Illumination very much influences mood of the person. In the afternoon it is defined both the form and window size, and a material, and colour of a curtain. In the evening illumination entirely depends on fixtures - their forms, an arrangement and intensity. It can be direct or reflected.

The Lamp located low over a dining table, a coffee table, before a sofa or group of armchairs, gives to an interior intimacy and has to silent and confidential conversation. It can be a desktop, trailing lamp, a floor lamp or a sconce. All of them should be such form that and in the afternoon supplemented ensemble. It is necessary to know also that if you low enough will hang up the fixture in the middle of a premise without communication with furniture he will create in a room atmosphere of known solemnity, but at all a cosiness.

Besides, by means of a play of light and a shade it is possible to probe space, allocating necessary corners in our daily occurrence for rest, work, study, employment by favourite needlework. The lamp can be and an original ornament of an interior. Especially when it is made by the hands of nonconventional materials or with use of the household subjects originally intended for perfect of other purposes (a product from glass, porcelain, clay).

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