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Curtains and carpets

Curtains and carpets, thanks to practical value and force of aesthetic influence, are one of the most important elements of the equipment of apartment. Therefore even almost empty room in which zastlan a floor curtains also are hung up, "is already dressed", in it there is a warmth and a cosiness. Curtains need to be chosen with special carefulness as the window and a wall on which it is located, first of all, draw attention of everyone who crosses a room threshold, and it already and is the first impression of an interior, the given premise. Curtains happen two kinds: curtains and portieres, and each of them has own practical appointment.

Curtains serve for softening and daylight dispersion. Usually between strongly shined aperture of a window and a dark part of that wall where it is, there is the sharp contrast tiring sight. Curtains, disseminating a direct stream of light, reduce it and by that improve interior influence. Besides, in the afternoon they protect a premise from curious eyes. For curtains transparent, thin and soft fabrics which scatter light are used, without absorbing it. It is possible to use also a grid, but small, with cells of identical size. It is not recommended to apply, however, to curtains mesh materials with drawings - ornaments and the colours, similar to a lace as they non-uniformly pass light and on character do not correspond to a modern interior. It is recommended to do curtains of a white fabric or very pale tones. Otherwise their colouring will be reflected in illumination and, hence, on a light background of all premise that not always is desirable.

Functions portieres in comparison with curtains are more numerous. First of all they are necessary in the evening. When on a court yard the window darkens also ceases to serve as a light source, it it is possible and should close a portiere. It will strengthen cosiness and sincerity atmosphere indoors. Portieres not only protect a premise from inquisitive glances, but serve also as its thermal and sound isolation. The window well closed by a portiere from a soft fabric with not so smooth invoice, passes noise much less. In cold months of a portiere protect air warmed in a room from contact with strongly cooled surface of a window. And the more strongly they are typed, the better thermal them thermal and sound isolation.

In summer months of a portiere are necessary also in the afternoon as they protect a premise from excessive light exposure and shade it if in it there is a necessity. In summertime for portieres it is necessary to use dense, but a fine fabric of proof colour. It is recommended to have two kinds of portieres: winter - dense portieres, and summer - motley curtains-portieres from a material approaching for everyone season. Portieres can be different colours, however it is not necessary to forget that it is very big in the sizes, an element possessing by strong colour influence against which the considerable part of furniture will be projected. For this reason it is necessary to consider a complete light composition of a premise - furniture, its upholstery, carpets etc.

In the presence of a carpet of a motley colouring of a portiere should be the smooth tone which is in harmony with colours of a carpet. And, on the contrary, motley portieres are admissible only at an one-colour carpet. Non-observance of this condition will lead to diversity causing irritation. Colour of portieres can be more sated, than curtains, but all the same not too bright and not so dark because otherwise they will absorb light considerable quantity instead of reflecting it.

In low premises of a curtain should cover all wall - from a ceiling to a floor. So the premise visually will seem above If a room of normal height, they can be only to window edge. It is desirable, that the curtain or a curtain was twice wider than a window or that place which is closed. The abundance of frills will give them special beauty.

To fabrics with which we upholster furniture, certain aesthetic demands also are made. They should be fresh tones then the room will get the, strongly pronounced shape. Most approach for an upholstery gladkokrashenye to a fabric of interesting structure. With their help it is possible to make various combinations between separate subjects or in the same subject. If obivochnaja the fabric with drawing, is better, when it small.

Usually floors in premises carpet, doormats, various rugs and paths. What carpets to choose, where and as them to hang up or put, completely depends on surrounding conditions. They should be combined harmoniously with premise furniture, promote creation of its figurative integrity. So, for example, if an upholstery of armchairs and a sofa - motley they should be one-colour. When the furniture is upholstered gladkokrashenoj by a fabric, carpets and paths can be motley, solved in national style or bright modern colouring. Carpets, furniture and walls should be combined harmoniously in the colour relation. Here again it is necessary to show consideration, but it is not avaricious to colours because the courageous imagination always brings more freshness and originality in conditions. Thus, in a choice of colouring of walls, colouring of furniture, carpets and decorative fabrics are observed similar tendencies: Aspiration to avoid polychromy in each separately taken component of an interior and at the same time to reach riches and sonorities of a colour spectrum of an interior as a whole.

In a modern interior each subject as though supplements other subjects, its qualities and art advantages are considered and estimated not separately, and in aggregate with all other conditions, and a measure is, first of all, conformity to its these conditions. Therefore less attention it is given to each separate subject and more - to achievement sopodchinennosti all given subjects. And it inevitably leads to that along with subjects bright, intensive on colour there is a necessity for subjects very "quiet", monophonic. It is impossible to reach a harmony and art integrity in an interior if are ornamental and mnogotsvetny will be both wall-paper, and curtains at windows, both a carpet, and a furniture upholstery, both a cloth, and ware.

There is variety of circumstances which should be analysed, conceiving, say, apartment repair. Usually advise to consider orientation of rooms on parts of the world. This essential, but nevertheless not the main condition. An essence in character of the life of a family. It concerns and clothes: one put on brightly, brightly, using colour contrasts, and others - prefer restraint in colour and a style, and even the omnipotent fashion will not force them to renounce a favourite principle. Well, it objectively reflects features of the person - its appearance, age, habits, character. In colour scale of apartment much is defined by the same objective factors though they are comprehended, perhaps, not so clearly. The matter is that colour as the aesthetic phenomenon is most subjective in our perception. The apartment colour score can be kalejdoskopichnym or, on the contrary, is reserved the monochrome. It is important to realise only to what you aspire and then in both cases the colour score will be harmonious.

As you can see, we have again come to necessity to learn. "At you in a room somehow mrachnovato", - the visitor can tell. He has got used to the apartment with bright light wall-paper and elegant portieres, and here absolutely other colour climate, and by contrast the interior has seemed to it a little gloomy. Not at once it will understand, it is good or it is bad, and then, having accustomed, having got accustomed and having realised style of your house, will tell: "And know, at you it is beautiful!."

Colour - most active of means of emotional influence in apartment, therefore be not confused singularity of the conceived. We will admit, the furniture at you has some - only the most necessary (it would not be desirable to lose sensations of free space). Such room is better for sustaining in light tones, and one wall in general "to open in the nature", having given on it a large landscape with podsvetom - a picturesque wall panel or a photomontage from several sheets. And there are other situations. It is necessary to you repair, wall-paper is not reserved yet, the shape of the future interior while is not clear. Except a miracle on a bed, six book shelves and the TV, anything is not present. And here this porternaja a fabric with a pattern from leaves so to you has attracted! Buy - then such material it can not appear, and you will be sorry. But now you should think over under such portieres and the rest, Wall-paper be required monophonic: under this golden colour. The sofa upholstery has approached, as it is, neutral enough, modest. If is not present, it is possible to sew an easy cover.

As to eaves for curtains they are issued in furnish under a tree, chromeplated, brass. Colour of eaves too should be considered, that it did not bring a discord in the general colour scale of an interior. If it is scale of a somber colour - blue, bluish-grey, sirenevo-dark blue, steel it is better to get eaves from polished djuralja - metal of cold shades And when the colour scale of all room warm (golden, orange, warm green, tobacco colours), is more preferable eaves from a brass or with reddish anodirovkoj, or under a tree. Decorative gobelin fabrics suit not only curtains or upholstered furniture - they can widely be used for an upholstery of semipartitions, furnish of niches in a bookstack or in a composition from book shelves etc.

But not only dense fabrics are successfully applied in an interior. Inexpensive easy synthetic materials (obivochnye and decorative) look rather effectively if, for example, to tighten a fabric one wall of a room, and all the others to paste over with monophonic wall-paper of other colour. Such wall can become the composite center of a room. For example, all interior almost white, only one wall - green, with a graceful, thin golden ornament. On it the unique etude in a modest thin frame, and at a wall of steam of easy chairs and a low coffee table hangs.

We Hope that creatively adjusted reader himself will open many other forms of original use in an interior of decorative decorative materials and other fabrics.

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