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the Color climate

Colour as plays one of decorative factors very large role and in interior furniture, and in the decision of art shape of everyone bytovojveshchi. Colour combinations possess, like musical melodies, emotional expressiveness and have on the person certain psychophysiological influence. Different colours, and especially colour combinations, are differently perceived by us, make different impression, cause different associations, moods and feelings. So, red, orange and yellow colours associate usually with colour of fire, the heated metals. They concern the warm. Resisting to them - blue-green, dark blue and blue-violet - associate with colour of ice, storm clouds and clouds, a stormy sea. These colours - concern the cold. The sated warm colours visually reduce distance, cold and nonsaturated warm colours seem us closer, than. Therefore the room which walls are painted in the sated warm colours, will look smaller in comparison with the same room if its wall to paint in cold or more light, warm colours.

In shape of an interior of dwelling colour as well as in a suit, plays an all-important role. Art taste is most brightly shown in ability to reach art integrity and harmonious combinations in colour walls, furniture, a floor, decorative and obivochnyh fabrics, carpets, ceramic and glasswares and other conditions. Colour scores in room or apartment furniture can be the most various, depending on the sizes and the form of a premise, its appointment, an arrangement of windows and light exposure degree a natural daylight and, at last, from propensities, age and temperament of inhabitants. It is possible to solve in good style furniture of this or that room, having based or contrast colour combinations, or, on the contrary, refined soft voice-frequency transitions of colour. Colour harmony is reached both in that and in other case though decision principles will be directly opposite. In a combination various colours influence and against each other. One against others or in a combination to them become as though brighter. The combination of others yields opposite result: the saturation, or brightness of colour happens is weakened.

Many paint dwelling or "as it was earlier", or "on a fashion". It is absolutely wrong. Blindly taking a great interest in a fashion, the room can be made gloomy and unfriendly. It is necessary to finish walls so that their colour hid lacks of a premise and at the same time underlined its advantages.

Skilful use of colours gives the big possibilities for korrigirovanija proportions, the form and height of rooms. Tone change optical influence of dwelling. If we want, that the premise looked more low (and it reaches the big cosiness), we should paint a ceiling in dark colour. And, on the contrary, if a premise insufficiently high, it is necessary to use light colour, more often the white.

What to undertake if rooms narrow? Here again colouring can help us. Having painted two long walls in light transparent tone, for example in lemon, and a wall in the heart of a room - in dark, we opticheski will truncate a premise. It is good, if the ceiling is also dark. So the unsuccessful proportion will be corrected. When opposite walls are painted in dark colour, and a wall in the heart of a room and a ceiling - in light the room looks still above and already.

It is clear that the choice of tone and its density depend on a concrete case, but nevertheless there are some general principles, which always in force. It is necessary to mean that our house should give us a cosiness and calmness. Therefore at bedroom colouring it is necessary to apply quiet colours, such, as rezedovyj, light grey, violet and others. In the general room we presume to ourselves the big freedom. The main thing that all has been subordinated to the general art plan. To the rooms turned on the north, warm colours, and to turned into a South side - cold more approach.

Besides, it is necessary to avoid such combinations of colours, as dark blue with green, red with brown and others. Painting a premise in two or three colours, we can use a combination of warm and cold tones. For example, brick with grey, yellow with violet, yellow with dark blue etc. Necessarily should participate and white colour: without it other colouring loses all effect.

To show, how much the choice of colours depends on a concrete case, we will give an example. The small vestibule painted contrastly, looks wider, when a ceiling and a wall in depth - black. If in your drawing room the long wall is located against a window, it should be painted in light tone, is better in white that the room visually seemed to wider so - more spacious.

Similar examples it is possible to result much. But the most characteristic is a colouring of walls in a strip. As in clothes the strip extends or shortens a figure, and indoors it can korrigirovat disproportionate proportions. Horizontal strips pertinently to do in higher rooms, vertical - in lower.

However it is necessary to underline once again that the template in selection of colours is not present. However many theorised of combination rules between warm and cold tones (in the gloomy, dark premises turned on the north - warm colours and on the contrary), about raising (red) and calming (dark blue and green) colours, that fact is conclusive that the person is better feels among tones which he prefers. And still, at a choice of colours it is necessary to be very cautious because always there is a danger to go into extremes - tonalno to oversaturate a premise. At pasting of rooms by wall-paper it is necessary to be guided by the same principles, as at colouring. It is better to avoid too motley colouring. They quickly bother, do not bring desirable heat and a cosiness, and, besides, very much oblige, constrain us in selection of other decor.

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