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the Balcony and a loggia

Leaving on a balcony or in a loggia, it is pleasant to present that we already on a nature bosom. It on 7th or 12th floor when all to district you see from the bird's flight?. And nevertheless it is pleasant, whatever you may say. Highly or low, but has crossed a threshold and has come to be in other environment, as if in other world. And, by the way, the above, the more extensively opening space!. The review! Psychologically such switching from the small world of apartment in the big world of a city or settlement, according to psychologists, removes a nervous tension.

Yes only to this wonderful corner connecting apartment with the nature, quite often on sew to own fault desperately does not carry. Look, whether hardly on any facade of a usual apartment house: all life as if be turned inside out! One on other shabby chairs, old kitchen tables, and here the loggia is diligently dismembered by talent of "inventor" on some kladovok. In many houses of any climatic belt set of loggias in general are tightly closed by every possible frames - window, hotbed and other what only managed to be adapted.

The Balcony and a loggia are singular elements of apartment and house as a whole, for a long time fanned by romanticism. Certainly, times vary, and today under a balcony leaving on a noisy highway, enamoured not begin to sing a serenade. However in modern conditions balconies and loggias had functions, not less romantic, and at the same time useful. Beautifully planted trees and shrubs, all of them play a role of the natural air filter and an acoustic barrier between street and apartment is more often. It is not less and an aesthetic role of a loggia in our city life. Is not present in apartment of other element which so would awake imagination, as a loggia. In some apartments it it becomes valid a nature part. One create here a flower bed smelling sweet all the summer long, others prefer to close a loggia leaving on the south a continuous carpet of wild grapes. And when the general hobby unites many tenants of the house, the green dress dresses the whole commonwealth of loggias, changing ascetic architecture of the modern typical house, creating sensation obzhitosti places and pleasures of life.

By the way, many successfully grow up here tomatoes and cucumbers, fennel and a radish, a coriander and parsley, even wild strawberry and a strawberry. And, certainly, not for the sake of economy of money the person cares for the tiny kitchen garden. There is a special warmth and romanticism in this revived sensation of primordial communication with the earth. To green oases of loggias birds last, and there is dialogue really improving the person with the nature.

Character of your equipment prikvartirnogo a nature corner in many respects depends on its size on front of a facade and depth. Naturally, big loggia gives the diversified possibilities for the organisation of this space. But as to the invention, a sharpness of idea, ability it is original to approach to the problem decision here the area has no value. More likely, on the contrary: to find unexpectedly beautiful decision for a small loggia in own way even it is more interesting, after all "the nature world" here absolutely tiny. Therefore it is especially important to begin with sketches. First of all it is necessary to be set by the general idea which will define then both a composition, and character of the equipment, and receptions of green furniture. What do you wish to receive - zone as much as possible shaded from the sun or, on the contrary, opened, but with tapes of colours along all protection on top and on a bottom? How the wall in a loggia will be decorated, the next compartment is separated, whether evening illumination will be solved? Perhaps, you would like to have a rest here lying or enough chaise lounge? Whether there is no necessity at especially hot o'clock pritenjat a loggia? Whether the child in a carriage will be taken out here?

In a word, the loggia can become original house sanatorium. And it it is necessary for all, we repeat, on sketches to solve questions of principle of its equipment. Acquisition of necessary materials and garden tools for nursing of your flower bed and a kitchen garden will follow from here and character of the device of boxes for plants, and.

In the beginning about boxes for greens. First of all, they should be suspended absolutely reliably as represent potential danger. Skoby for fastening it is necessary to check up carefully on durability, well to fix them both to the box, and to a balcony or loggia protection irrespective of, whether the box to a protection is suspended or leans against a balcony plate outside. After naveski boxes once again check up reliability of their fastening. Reliable it is possible to consider only fastening which is capable to sustain considerably the big loading, rather than that which it actually bears.

Outside a box oshpakljujte also paint an oil paint on preliminary processed surface. Colour of colouring is better for choosing green, a cold shade, but not gloomy on tone. Krichashche bright colours of boxes - dark blue, orange, yellow, is bright-blue - do a house facade motley, and the main thing - are not in harmony with green furniture of the loggia.

The Beautiful loggia always draws to itself - and early in the morning when here leave on gymnastics, and in the evening when among the dense, romantically illuminated greens the family, and in the afternoon, for "progulivanija" the kid in a carriage gathers for rest... And coming back home, you cannot be kept once again not to look at your beauty a loggia. However, now it any more one - how many others as if on a uniform plan have formed a huge green facade with bright bouquets of various colours...

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