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the Children's room

Influence of the house, its conditions and atmosphere on formation of character, habits and even on health of the child begins since that instant when he for the first time can distinguish light from a shade and then will start to distinguish forms and colours.

In any house there is nothing more expensively the child, and still, as it is strange, frequently in the same house for it there is no place. And not always on a floor space lack. Parents simply forget that children have world, the interests that own corner where they could live in own way, childly is necessary for them.

In apartment which is occupied with a family with children, the nursery as is necessary, as the general room, kitchen and bedrooms. The earlier the child will leave a bedroom of parents, the better for it. If, except the general room and a bedroom of a free premise is not available, it will be hardly probable reasonable, that the child slept in the general room. Much more pertinently to parents to use for a dream this room, having offered, certainly, a double bed and having replaced with its sofa, and a bedroom to change in a nursery. If in a family two children, such decision of a question is absolutely necessary.

When for any of several reasons the child cannot have a separate room, it by all means should arrange at least in appropriate way the equipped children's corner in the general room or in a bedroom where he could play or be engaged, not constrained by adults, and, in turn, without being afraid that can constrain them.

Equipping a corner for the child or a nursery, parents should try for some time to become children that conditions were successful from the point of view of the child, instead of the adult person. The furniture should here not only correspond to proportions of the child, but to be on the essence, on a plan children's, instead of simply tiny.

The world of kids, therefore Often varies and the furniture intended for them should be transformed easily, following fast flight of children's imagination. Instead of the present small little tables and chairs it is possible to use a set of the elements similar to boxes. They will serve both little tables, and small stools and to turn to cars of an imagined train, in small houses and in many other things. And when game will end, children with feeling of an order peculiar to them can transform them into small library lockers and boxes for toys and thus to clean the room. In the presence of transformed elements in a nursery will be less furniture and more place for games. In desire to save more than free space of a bed of children it is possible to place one over another. This thought could have many original and practical realisations.

The Children's furniture should be strong, without being, however, ugly. It is very good, when acute angles on it are smoothed, and is very practical, if it is possible to wash all subjects. To keep natural colour of wood, furniture cover with a transparent colourless varnish. Otherwise it very successfully paint varnish or oil paints. Such materials are applied to development of children's furniture with success, as getinaks and various kinds of plastic.

And when the child grows up and goes to school, the life and its interests vary. For the small schoolboy it is necessary to organise a working corner with a desk and a library case because gradually books one for another will start to replace to it toys. These subjects, without differing basically from furniture for adults, should be developed so that it could use them not only before leaving school, but also a higher educational institution. Exclusively podhodjashchi in this case stellazhnye library cases. They are to the same extent convenient both for the child, and for the schoolboy if to include in them such elements, as a shelf for books, jashchichki for toys, a board, horizontal rejki a small Swedish wall. In system stellazhnogo a library case with success can be included and a desk of the schoolboy.

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