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the General room

In the general room usually spend a leisure hours between the termination of work and a dream - the fine hours devoted to conversation, reading, music. Here very often also eat, and when visitors come, them without ceremony invite here.

To create conditions for harmonious course of a life in this multipurpose premise, it is necessary to distribute skilfully all its space and to pick up corresponding furniture. The important role is played in this respect by an arrangement of windows and doors as lines of movement depend on them and quiet spaces. Thus, first of all it is necessary to establish these lines from doors of a lobby to bedroom doors, to doors of a balcony and t d., to receive the isolated spaces where it is possible to arrange the separate groups of furniture corresponding to various functions of the general room. The place for meal should be about a door, in a direct connection with kitchen, the corner for rest - is closer to light etc. At such organisation movement becomes free, and those who has a rest or works, will not constrain.

The General room is first of all vacation spot, for full unloading of a nervous tension and restoration mental and physical strengths. As it has already been told, a rest zone is better to arrange about a window if yet the constant workplace there is not organised. In this corner the furniture is necessary for a seat - a long sofa or an ottoman, two-three armchairs and a low little table. It is quite enough of it to sit down and have a talk, esteem or listen to music.

TV Occurrence in the general room can turn all upside down if the place for it has not been provided in advance because correct use of this device demands implicit observance of some conditions. The TV should be placed so that space between it and in places for sitting was not crossed by passes. Only in that case movement remains free, and it will be possible to enter into a room or to leave it, without disturbing that who watches transmission. It is impossible to turn the device the screen to windows - they will be reflected in it during day transfers and to reduce their quality. It is impossible to look also telecasts at a short distance because, on the one hand, the image turns out disseminated, blinking and tyres eyes, and with another - the TV radiates at a short distance ultra-violet beams which too harm to sight. It is recommended, that the distance between the screen and the spectator was in 6-8 times more screen diagonals.

But not only and well organised the general room should be convenient. It is necessary also to manage to create in it pleasant, operating soothingly, heart-felt atmosphere operating soothingly that the person tired with day work could have a rest. Therefore here walls can be more sated tones. Aspiring to bring a variety, it is possible one of them or a back part of a niche to paint in other colour. The upholstery on armchairs can be from identical on structure, but various tones of a fabric. If a sofa upholstery odnotsvetna, pillows can be made different colours. It will bring a life and a variety in a premise. Not smaller influence render also sculptural practical value sculptural, art subjects, pictures and flowers. Besides they most brightly reflect taste and character of inhabitants, creating in apartment that specific, individual atmosphere which distinguishes it from all others.

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