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In a bathroom

In a bathroom of the modern house as though does not remain places for individual creativity - the sanitary cabin is fully completed, besides its area is shown to a minimum. But the resourceful man here again will find reserves for convenience increase. Really, on hooks dressing gowns, towels, hats, various bathing accessories here hang... Whether to hide all it in a flat case is better, having hung it on a door? Also has put not so much in an aesthetics eventually, how many in sanitary requirements. And whether it is beautiful, when from under a bath or a washstand basins, banks, detergent powders and the other accessories necessary, however, in a bathroom look out? The shelf with a mirror over a washstand, as a rule, too appears is rather small for many necessary trifles. But how to be, if the free space practically is not present?

To Arrange for a bathroom "apron", in effect, not too difficult. Here the design principle depends on a profile of the bath that is why demands performance in a place as profiles at different baths differ. But anyhow at all models above passes the rounded board. It also should be used for placing of the top part wooden obvjazki such apron with a shelf along a bath. Obvjazku it is possible to execute from a board, strip DSP approaching bruska. Certainly, water aboard can get, therefore it it is necessary oshpaklevat and to paint an oil paint. Is even more practical to revet the top side with a shaped ceramic corner or to cover a board with a dural corner. On a contour of a board of a bath it is necessary to put wooden loose leaves-crosspieces in two-three places to fix all case. Apron doors can be made on strips that one came for another but if you want to simulate an obverse surface of an apron-case under a tile, and also to make regiments on an inside of doors then doors raspashnogo the type, having a uniform plane are necessary. Other variants, for example, with furnish by plastic, matirovannym plexiglas etc. are possible also.

If in a family there are people of respectable age, at times there is a necessity for the device of a special step for convenient and safe using of a bathroom. The slippery floor and a high wet board can become for the elderly person the reason of a serious trauma, therefore, except a step, it is desirable to arrange and a special hand-rail which it would be possible to grasp, entering into a bath or leave it. Such hand-rail happen on sale. The main thing - is reliable to attach a hand-rail to a wall. The step should be made added (wooden) and, certainly, steady.

All is conveniences. And how concerning individual shape of a bathroom? About it opinions disperse. There are special fans of a bathing interior - they are ready to renounce everything if only to make this place really fantastic. And here among announcements you notice: "I Will buy a tile for a bathroom with figured drawing", I "Will buy" a sea wave! "It is final, to whom that is pleasant, maybe, house water procedures among" a sea wave "give someone the greatest charge of vivacity and remove stresses? In our opinion, for a bathroom, as well as for all lavatory," individual expression "all the same not the most important thing. And than the bathroom revetted with a usual white tile, with a good bowl, a mirror and all necessary is bad? The elements raising level of hygiene and convenience, already in itself give to a bathroom a comfortable and pleasant kind.

The Case on a bathroom door is done by many. It should be superficial (8-10 centimetres) not to disturb to door opening, and the main thing - everything that in it takes places, should not rattle, move, fall. Therefore is better to intend this case for dressing gowns, towels and other soft things, and below it is possible to organise one-two shelves with high sides for any other subjects. The case on a door can be made or with doors, that is the present closed case, or in a kind hlorvinilovoj or oil-cloth shtorki on ringlets and two metal directing, fixed to a door above and below on a small slope.

It is possible not to do the Back, internal wall of a locker, by the way, - as it the door of a bathroom will serve. And here the lath for hooks should fasten already to obvjazke a case. To a door you specify a concrete way of fastening of a locker depending on its material and a design.

For case furnish it is possible to use washing wall-paper. In this case the doors edged on perimetre thin, well painted shtapikom beautifully look. If it is isolated, completely closed locker, above and ventilating apertures are below necessary. On a case door it is possible to hang and an additional mirror - from it the bathroom only will win.

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