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the Vestibule. Meet on odezhke

Meet on odezhke. It will be a question not of people, and about a hall. In convenient apartment There can not be insignificant, hardly noticeable premises. It is possible to illustrate it On a hall example: it still name a lobby, a corridor, and even foreign Word - a hall. To remove outer clothing, to hang up it, to put on a shelf a cap, to change the shoes, To brush the hair - these manipulations occupy minute. Nevertheless, despite the small sizes, short time of a finding in a hall, its role is rather considerable. Those who considers a vestibule as a place where there should be hooks for clothes, a mirror, and only also are mistaken.

The Impression about apartment starts to develop with the first steps. And if the statement that meet on odezhke habitation judge on shape of a hall is fair. The vestibule should differ affability and the neatness, all shape at once to let know, whether the amicable family lives in apartment, than its inhabitants take a great interest.

The Vestibule is a card of apartment which testifies to culture, taste, hobbies of masters of the house. However from the aforesaid the conclusion at all does not follow that its main appointment of a hall - to amaze visitors. Is not present and once again is not present. The vestibule should be convenient, first of all, living in apartment. It, as a rule, is on crossing of all room communications. When we pass from one room in another, our way practically always lies through a vestibule. In a hall there should be a small stool, a chair and if spatial possibilities also an armchair to which it is pleasant to fall right after arrival and to have a rest some minutes allow.

In any, even tiny, the place for a mirror should be a hall all the same, it is desirable such size that in it it was possible to see itself in all growth. Its upper edge should be up to standard 180-200 sm, and bottom - 20-40. There is no possibility for installation of the big mirror, be limited to average or small in a freakish frame. It can be made in the same way, as for a picture. Near to a mirror it is quite good to strengthen a shelf for small subjects - hairbrushes, small handbags, gloves, keys. Not to manage in a hall without shelves or hangers for umbrellas, scarfs, scarfs. Regiments in a hall are better for leaving opened is will allow to keep depth of a premise, and also will give it ease and a freedom. If in a hall you will come across a sight only shutters of the built in cases, there is an impression kazennosti, isolation. A vestibule because of the affinity to other premises of apartment - a convenient place for the telephone exchange device. It is phone on a shelf where take places also the telephone directory, a notebook for records, the handle.

Some words about telephone sets. Recently they became more various under the form, colour, a design, a way of installation, it is necessary to notice that devices in style "retro" suit more likely the general room. Push-button are convenient. There are devices wall. Think. Perhaps for a small hall it will appear quite approaching. There are phone numbers which it is necessary to type often enough - cinemas, shops, community service enterprises. It is possible to stick together, for example, from a cardboard a cube on which parties to write necessary phone numbers. The cube which has been pasted over with a colour paper, can become and an attractive subject of conditions.

Special completeness give to a corridor of a board from boards - some kind of panels at height of 70-75 centimetres from a floor, with a space from a wall on 2,5-3 centimetres. A tree it is possible to issue and a platband of entrance doors. Present, as will look a sconce at a mirror. In a narrow corridor they should be whenever possible more flat, probably, with special guards-reflectors.

Now about a hanger at an input. For a narrow corridor, undoubtedly, it is necessary to develop it independently. Use the same boards, bruski or rejki what have gone for shelves and onboard panels, after all the complete set is important. Hooks of various forms, colour and materials are on sale. But we remind: here all should be co-ordinated to the common decision. Then you have a small ensemble of aesthetically intelligent utilitarian subjects.

If small the lobby almost square in the plan, is sense to be limited to a shelf on perimetre of walls. Such mezzanines should not have width more than 25-30 centimetres. Only? But estimate their total areas and volume - it appears, on such mezzanines the weight of things takes places. Is at them and the advantage - convenience of using: all things on a kind and to get any of them does not make any efforts. But whether there is a lobby with such mezzanines visually close? Yes, partly nevertheless here there is a certain reason, differently here these three suitcases will collect a dust on a case in a room, the nonseasonal footwear in a polyethylene bag will settle somewhere under a sofa. And banks with paints and other economic things? Them where to put? It is necessary to stuff on different corners and boxes. At an accomplishment of small apartment always it is necessary to renounce something to win more essential. Here and in this case: Mezzanines allow to keep rooms in good order, and the vestibule at skilful it obygryvanii appears even original. On the ceiling center deep enough "caisson" which plane can be painted in bright colour or vykleit wall-paper with a large ornament is formed, simulating a painted ceiling. Its illumination can become the most remarkable in such lobby. Mezzanines will seem visually easier if to arrange podsvet by means of single-tube luminescent fixtures.

In a lobby it is necessary to place only absolutely necessary furniture from the functional point of view (a hanger, a box for footwear, a mirror, the adaptation for umbrellas). It is desirable, that all possible elements of the equipment have been attached to a wall: it facilitates care of the floor which has been not shaded by furniture. For the same reasons it is not necessary to put on a floor usually covered with linoleum, any rugs.

Niches, not so deep (to 30 sm) and deep (to 50 sm) which for the constructive reasons sometimes are available in a lobby, are very convenient for hangers. In less deep niches of a hanger arrange the same as on an equal wall. Their advantage consists that the back part of a niche is revetted only, and clothes hanging in it do not touch passing on a lobby. In deep niches at the same facing the clothes hang on a coat hanger which, in turn, are suspended to a bar located in parallel or perpendicularly to a wall, and, hence, are not rumpled. For bolshej the niche can be closed safeties of clothes a curtain. The deep niche can be issued, as the built in case with sliding doors where except those clothes which carry at present, remain as well seasonal things. In both kinds it is possible to place, without being afraid to prevent movement, a trunk or the open adaptation for footwear, the adaptation for umbrellas, a shelf on which it is possible to put a bag or something another, putting on or removing outer clothing. Some take out book shelves or racks in a lobby. To do it follows only as a last resort. Books more suitable subject of conditions for a living room, rather than for a hall. Though if backs of books at an entrance door are pleasant - objections are not present.

The Electric counter you will not name graceful. Perhaps, because of it it importunately climbs in eyes. It is better to cover with its special locker without a back wall. It is possible to store accounts in this locker for payment for apartment, the electric power, gas, phone. The picture, a vase with the flowers, undoubtedly, will decorate a vestibule. The wall calendar will not allow to forget about swift-flowing time.

And here unexpected reception of registration of a hall. On a wall are hanged out in accurate frames of a photo of friends of the family. It is possible to expect that it will be pleasant to them to come to the house where so validly show the goodwill and attention. It would be desirable to refer to Goethe's opinion thus: "the Person represented by the skilful artist on small space, will not demand for itself too big place. So it is possible to collect round itself all friends..."

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