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About design of an interior

The Habitation is not square metres, not sets and modern home appliances. It, most likely, human relations and things. It is possible to bring simply from a furniture store set (but as modern apartments are monotonous!), and it is possible to be the present sozidatelem the dwelling, as though to spiritualise it, to introduce something the, after all each person - the person. And then the habitation will turn to the house where it is good and cosy all.

The Cosiness is not bought, it is created. The apartment can be tiny and desired, and can - huge and unfriendly. A sign of cosy, convenient dwelling - simplicity. The field flower is simple, but as is perfect and beautiful! In convenient apartment there should not be nothing elaborate, pretentious. It does not suffer and ostentatious riches. We will recollect wisdom of the ancient: "If there is no mind to make simply, do richly".

To Organize housing space it is necessary so that it did not surround you, and you lived in it. The Home can and should strengthen a family. In the happy house always hurry up to get more likely, after all there the favourite people, the favourite books necessary and convenient things, created or improved by you.

The House is a place where the person restores forces after day of work where it communicates with members of the family, accepts friends where balance atmosphere reigns. It would be desirable to indulge in reflexions at home, to be engaged in creativity, to have a good time. The inhabited environment influences development of the person, its formation as persons, is reflected in its mood, relations between members of a family, successful education of children in many respects depends on dwelling. If shoes press, it is possible to give them to an extension. And if in the apartment you feel, it is awkward, inconvenient, to this grief to help more difficult.

On dwelling it is possible to judge a family way of life, its tastes, predilections, culture level. It should be adapted for preparation and food intake, a dream, rest, any employment, storage of things and subjects, hygienic procedures, education of children. In apartment the person should feel sensation of a sanguineous life. However, here it is better to us to give of a word of well-known architect Le Corbusier which has told loftily and poetically: "the Dwelling is possibility freely to move, stand, lie; to enjoy a cool or heat, to have a rest, be lost in thought... The Dwelling is possibility to have a family making a link of an eternal chain of a life; this space necessary for family pleasures".

There was time when the aspiration of the person to improve the dwelling sometimes was treated hardly probable not as a narrow-mindedness or snobbery sign. Frequently the ugly materialism shown in impetuous moneymaking, was identified with natural desire of the person to create for itself beautiful and convenient dwelling. Now the dwelling ceases to be simply utilitarian "inhabitancy" - even more often it is object of aesthetic judgement the person itself and the life.

Important and another: many people, giving a part of the leisure to an apartment or room accomplishment, equipping an interior with own hands, do it not because cannot get necessary things in shop, and from natural aspiration to creativity.

Curiously, what exactly in such interiors usually you do not see expensive, "fashionable" furniture - neither well-known "anteev", nor monumental, as gravestones, walls with a difficult carving and bronze accessories. All here is simple, natural, and is breathed therefore easily and freely.

Other apartments are remembered for a long time. Here, for example, on all perimetre of walls of one of rooms there are racks with books, and all field of walls over them is occupied by painting - landscapes in simple wooden frames. And it seems that it is windows in the nature - the monophonic background of wall-paper does not prevent to admire pictures.

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