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the Upholstery of door cloths with warming and sound insulation

For warming and sound insulation of door cloths foam rubber, floor-mats from cotton wool, felt, etc. are used., which from above become covered by film materials on a fabric basis - viniliskozhej, and also leatherette or an oilcloth.

Before the work beginning a door cloth, as well as at pasting by film and rolled materials, it is necessary to remove from loops, to lay on two stools and posnimat locks and handles. The material intended for an upholstery prirezajut on the sizes of a door cloth with a stock 120... 150 mm on perimetre. A teplozvukoizoljatsionnyj material cut off and stack on a surface of a door cloth so that on a door contour there was a free strip in width 8... 10 mm for covering fastening. Nests for installation of locks and handles are necessary for clearing also from teplozvukoizoljatsionnogo a material so that at their installation after obivkidverej handles and locks densely adjoined to a surface of a door cloth. Then a covering material stack atop teplozvukoizoljatsionnogo a material; one of its parties fold double and beat obojnymi nails with wide hats with step 80... 100 mm to one of the door parties on height. After that the covering material should be pulled slightly on length and to fix nails an opposite side, having combined the end viniliskozhi twice.

Thus, with a weak stretch, fix also other parties of a covering. At fastening of a material of a covering obojnymi nails under hats it is possible to put a band made of a narrow strip of the same material which edges are bent inside. After end of an upholstery of one party of a door cloth if it is necessary, in the same sequence upholster also another. Then make apertures in a fabric of a covering and establish locks and handles.

For overlapping of cracks pritvorov doors on a contour of a door box end-to-end to a door cloth (at opening inside) beat the platen made of a strip of a material of a covering in width 80... 100 mm. For this purpose a strip fold double, and in a bend place put a plait from teplozvukoizoljatsionnogo a material in diameter 15... 20 mm also stitch on length. The platen received thus press on a contour to an obverse surface of a door and attach to a box the flat end formed after an insertion. Krepjat the platen obojnymi nails with step 80... 100 mm.

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the Choice of materials for furnish
Preparation of surfaces
Pasting of surfaces

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