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the Choice of materials for furnish

At a choice of materials for furnish it is necessary to remember that living rooms is better to paste over with usual paper wall-paper. All other film and rolled materials do not suit furnish of living rooms, as they do not absorb a moisture and do not pass air that leads to infringement air-vlazhnostnogo a mode in premises. Experts in the field of sanitary and hygiene recommend to finish with these materials only those premises where people happen not for long (a corridor, a toilet, a bathroom, etc.). By the way, in these parts walls quickly become soiled and they should be wiped is more often a damp rag. So, washing wall-paper (on a paper basis) is recommended to be used films for pasting of walls in kitchen, forward, the built in cases, a toilet. It is possible to apply films to bathroom pasting on a fabric basis - viniliskozhu, penoplen, samoklejushchiesja and others bezosnovnye films. Vinisten and linkrust apply, as a rule, to lobby furnish. With that end in view it is possible to use also penoplen, bezosnovnye films and films on a fabric basis.

At a choice of materials drawing and the invoice which substantially can affect perception of proportions have great value. In small premises it is impossible to glue wall-paper with large drawing which visually even more will reduce them. For such premises it is better to use a material with small drawing and an indistinct contour.

That the premise seemed to higher, it is necessary to choose wall-paper or films with vertical drawing. Thus pasting should be carried out under the ceiling. And on the contrary, application of a border in width of 100-120 mm will allow to reduce premise height visually.

If indoors it is necessary to allocate beautiful furniture, wall-paper should be selected soft tones and with inexpressive drawing. The ugly furniture can be taken away on the second plan if to use for its background bright, with bright drawing wall-paper. For reception of special decorative effect it is possible to alternate panels of wall-paper different in colour, but to identical drawing.

As well as at painting works to select colour tone of film and rolled materials it is necessary taking into account a functional purpose of premises. It is important not only with aesthetic, but also hygienic positions. Colour should promote good mood and rest, weariness removal. Therefore in a bedroom, for example, it is necessary to give preference to green tones, and in the general room - orange and yellow. A somber colour of wall-paper - blue, grey - causes sensation of open space, and a premise which walls are pasted over by brown or dark blue wall-paper, it seems less.

In premises with the windows leaving on the north, it is necessary to select wall-paper more brightly and warm colours (orange, yellow, etc.), making impression of light exposure a sunlight. The rooms focused on a South side, on the contrary, demand reduction of a saturation of colour. For such premises wall-paper of cold tones - blue, lilac, dark blue, etc.

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