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Tension or a false ceiling

If the present to you is closer, the most optimum decision - a tension ceiling or ceiling panels (false ceiling). Last is slightly more difficult in installation, but gives you full possibility for light design of dwelling - separate panels can contain dot fixtures which will help zonirovat a premise, or the big plafonds of a ceiling light. In case of need panels can be interchanged the position. Also the false ceiling and for masking of units of an air conditioning is good. But tension ceilings at the same multi-variant approach of colour scores are established all in an hour and demand only a stapler and a step-ladder. Everything that is necessary for installation of such ceiling, is a sheet of plastic on the basis of vinyl which densely fastens in a baguette on all perimetre of a premise. And on it all works on ceiling fastening come to an end.

Other indisputable advantage of such covering is cleanliness of work - you should not close and move furniture, as at usual whitewashing. Besides, without any preliminary works the equal cloth will hide all defects and roughnesses of overlapping from eyes.

Except colour, new ceilings have neskolkovariantov textural execution. The effect of the equal irreproachably painted ceiling will create a matte variant. With a varnish covering the ceiling in your apartment will turn to a huge mirror at the expense of what all space of apartment will visually increase. Also it is possible to insert built in light into a tension ceiling.

"The Know-how" of tension ceilings does by their ideal variant for a bathroom, kitchen, swimming, pool. It is not necessary to be afraid any more that at neighbours from above will break through a water pipe. Vagi the new ceiling is capable to sustain some tons of water then water merges, and the cloth dries. And after similar procedure the ceiling will get a primordial form.

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