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Polistirolnaja a tile

For facing of internal walls and partitions. It is unreceptive to influence of disinfectant and clearing substances. At the same time not teplostojka, quickly grows old, has small fire resistance and is afraid some organic solvents.

Last two types of tiles fasten equally. On an underside they have a side or porozhek on all perimetre, and also additional riflenie. The basis under facing wipe a dry soft brush or clear a vacuum cleaner of sand and a dust. Further the surface is necessary for degreasing.

All hollows, cracks and roughnesses smooth shpaklevkoj and grind, the basis ground the mastic used for a label of tiles, and carefully dry up. On the back party of a tile to level porozhka put mastic a brush or rubber shpatelem then a tile maintain about five minutes that mastic - has seized. Then a pasted tile drive into the corner until it entirely will not incorporate on all area to a layer of earth.

Surplus of mastic Acting through seams immediately delete a knife blade, a surface wipe a rag. For polivinilatsetatnyh glues it is possible to use for removal water, for the others - turpentine or kerosene. If seams not at once to fill with glue or mastic process tverdenija passes slightly faster.

In addition on a theme "Facing яыш=ъющ":

Ceramic glazurovannaja a tile (tile)
the Glass tile
Facing by tiles

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