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the Materials used at drawing up of solutions

Now it is short about the materials used at drawing up of solutions.

Rubble - a stone in the size from 5 to 80 mm, received at crushing of rocks, pumice, a brick.

Gravel - small natural stones. They are applied pure, after thorough washing.

Sand is used as a filler in solutions and concrete. Differs purer river both lake and littered mountain and ovrazhnyj sand. After washing in it there should be no more than 5% of impurity. So-called easy sand turns out at pumice and slag crushing.

Till now clay is applied not only as raw materials at manufacturing of a red brick, but also as a knitting material to clay solutions which are used at a laying of furnaces, oshtukaturivanii. Averages where it it is necessary less, and lean, not requiring completely not in such additives share clay on fat, demanding at use of considerable additives of sand.

Plaster building is applied at oshtukaturivanii and other kinds of painting and decorating as the additive to limy or clay solutions to acceleration of their hardening and durability increase. In the pure state plaster is used, for example, at manufacturing of modelled decorative elements.

Cement remains while the best knitting substance which can harden not only on air, but also in water. It is applied very widely to preparation of building solutions, ferro-concrete and simply concrete designs. On manufacturing techniques and raw materials applied thus differs portlandtsement, shlakoportlandtsement, putstsolanovyj portlandtsement, platifitsirovannyj portlandtsement. But, at practical use bolshee the mark has value: "400", "500", "600", etc. The above the mark, the is less than cement and more sand is spent at solution preparation. The solution long enough hardens, this process from 45 minutes till 12 o'clock after manufacturing of the test begins and comes to an end more often in 28 days.

not Slaked izvest can be dolomitic, kaltsievoj and magnezialnoj. Solutions on its basis, as well as the limy dough received at additives in izvest of sand, slag, find the widest application at building and painting and decorating.

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