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This disobedient wall-paper

If you plan pasting by ceiling wall-paper, to begin to you it is necessary from it. On labour input, a variety of variants of a colour score and the price pasting of walls by wall-paper is more preferable than any other variant of internal furnish. Buying wall-paper, keep in mind repair possibility - two-three "superfluous" rolls will help to keep always in a room a kind of just made repair. To the full it concerns wall-paper in a children's room; here, if you are assured that the chosen type of drawing and the invoice long will not bother the child, it is necessary to be reserved by one-and-a-half quantity.

Wall-paper happens different - on the sound-proof basis, washing, not grounded, grounded, background, imprinted. Washing wall-paper and synthetic films close to them have some types: a synthetic covering on paper or on a fabric basis and bezosnovnaja a synthetic film. Films happen smooth, imprinted, to printing drawing or without it, about one or the multi-colour invoice; the film can simulate the diversified finishing materials.

Washing waterproof wall-paper with a polymeric covering (izopren, penoplen, a polycaptivity, devilon) often pastes in a bathroom or kitchen, that is in places where on them water will get most likely. For a covering of a face sheet it is not terrible, but the underside can become a fine basis for fungus occurrence, it is necessary to water to get under wall-paper. Therefore this wall-paper should be pasted not usual "Bustilatom", and polivinilatsetatnoj a dispersion. If your wall-paper has an edge on both edges, before their label it is necessary to cut off. Do not throw out the cut off edge - it can be useful as decorative "eaves".

Paste such wall-paper so that the joint has been turned to a light source - to a window or the central fixture if the premise without windows is pasted over. That wall-paper has laid down strictly vertically, it is necessary to mark position of the first panel. Having receded from a window slope for width of a panel, spend a vertical line.

The panels Marked and cut on height spread on a floor a face sheet downwards and mahovoj a brush put glue. The panel smeared with glue, having combined half-and-half, put aside for eight-ten minutes. In this time prepare a following cloth and while it, like the first, becomes impregnated with glue, paste the first panel. It develop and put to a wall the top part on the made label. A back edge of a panel put to noted line and with a soft fabric smooth from top to down and from the center - to edges.

Covers of sockets, razvodnyh boxes, switches and other electroarmature it is necessary to remove, in advance having disconnected an electricity. On svezhenakleennyh wall-paper cut apertures, then covers impose and fix covers. An important point - pasting of corners: to utla walls cut off last panel of such width that it at least on 5-7 sm came for a corner.

Last novelties overturn habitual representations about wall-paper - now there is wall-paper. The liquid! This type of wall-paper represents a powder with dye which get divorced water. This structure is put on a wall by a spray. This wall-paper of new generation is waterproof and gives in to numerous water processing that is not reflected in any way in external shape of walls. Good stability to external influences allows to keep colour in a primordial form rather long time.

Self-glued wall-paper has three-layer structure: poliviniuthloridnaja a film, a thin layer of "live" glue and a substrate on the back. As a rule, on a substrate the marking and the instruction is already put posantimetrovaja (last, however, represents only two rules: to separate a substrate in the top part, to put a panel to a wall and, separating other protective film, to drive a panel into the corner).

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