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plaster Repair

While in service houses arise various damages of the plaster layer which reason can be the building deposit, poor executed plaster, mechanical damages, etc. Besides, at repeated colouring of walls on a surface thick paint coats or nebela which become covered by cracks are formed and showered. The fallen off and beaten off places on the plastered surface first of all are necessary for clearing away. With that end in view an axe or a hammer beat off the lagged behind plaster round the damaged surface. Then, as it was specified above, concrete, brick and stone surfaces notch an axe or a chisel and clear of a dust with the subsequent washing by water. At repair of wooden surfaces check a shingle condition. Rotted through rejki replace new. If a plaster layer thick enough (more than 30 mm), for the best coupling of plaster it is possible to fill a metal grid or the nails braided by a wire. Nails hammer into the wooden stoppers preliminary established in a wall.

plaster Repair: and - drawing of a solution by means of the falcon at corner repair; - solution levelling on rejkam at pier repair; 1 - rejka; 2 - a solution; 3 - old plaster; 4 - the falcon; 5 - a brick wall; 6 - Before oshtukaturivaniem edges of the damaged site and a plastered surface it is necessary to moisten a rule with water. On the surface cleared of old plaster put nabryzg, and after an insignificant break - a ground levelled zapodlitso with old plaster. When the ground will dry up, do nakryvku with the subsequent zatirkoj. peretirka plasters it is made at insignificant damages on its surface. For this purpose on plaster put thin nakryvochnyj a layer which after zatirki closes all defects. Before peretirkoj it is necessary to clear a surface of wall-paper, paints.

Wall-paper breaks from a wall, moistening strongly pasted sites with hot water. Remove their layers with the help shpatelja or a scraper, Paste also wash off water by means of a sponge or a rag. A glutinous paint either nebel clear scrapers or shpateljami, preliminary having moistened a surface with water. Nabel clean off cautiously, easily pressing on shpatel or a scraper not to leave on a surface of traces from the tool or not to put scratches. The glutinous paint and nabel can be washed off also water by means of a sponge or a rag, having taken thus necessary measures for protection of a floor against pollution.

Peretirku carry out sites. A site the area to 0,5 м2 moisten with water. Imposing on a grater a solution, put its separate dabs on distance 10... 15 sm from each other. Then this site rub clean a grater, making it circular motions. If on a surface there are small bowls, on a grater add a solution and this place rub clean once again.

At presence on a surface of cracks them clear away from weak, collapsing edges. Thin cracks cut on depth to 10 mm, wide - for a thickness of a plaster layer. For zadelki cracks the same solution by which plaster has been executed is applied. Small cracks can be closed up a plaster solution. After repair of cracks the damaged site fray.

Cracks in seams between ferro-concrete panels of overlapping clear away, moisten with water and fill with a difficult solution on fine-grained sand. A solution level poluterkom and rub clean a grater.

The Damaged corners usually repair a plaster solution which at its fast hardening allows to receive sharp sides of a corner. Before solution drawing it is necessary to clear away the damaged plaster, to make a notch on a smooth surface or raschistitshvy in a bricklaying, to moisten a surface with water. Plaster put at first on one side of angle. After shvatyvanija a solution to plaster attach a wet board so that its sawn-off shotgun was zapodlitso with old plaster. Then moisten and plaster other side of angle (drawing see). Similarly plaster a wall end face.

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