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we Repair the basis

Irrespective of the fact which you have chosen type of a covering for a floor - various kinds of a tile, linoleum etc., - if the sexual covering kept within on the monolithic basis (a concrete or cement coupler, an overlapping plate), sooner or later the basis under a covering collapses.

Infringement of integrity of the monolithic basis is connected with the raised mechanical loadings and has usually local character. Nevertheless, if in time it not to repair, soon you will face that in this place the tile will start to collapse, to give and be torn linoleum etc. In your interests in due time to take measures.

Concrete, cement-sandy and other bases repair so: having removed a covering part, cut down in the basis a rectangle depth of 3-5 sm with the walls cut outside. Having cleared deepening (for this purpose it is possible to take advantage of a vacuum cleaner), it wash out and degrease. Then it is possible to operate with two methods - small deepening on the area zapodlitso with the basic coupler fill in epoksidnoj with pitch, and bolshy a site at first zabryzgivajut a cement mortal (without levelling is a priming coat), and already after drying fill in with cement. When pouring will dry up, on this place stack a new piece of a covering or a new tile (a little) by the same rules, as at covering repair.

Happens that after long operation of destruction of a basis so are great what easier to replace all coupler or the top layer of a plate of overlapping entirely. Practically, it means that it is necessary to do a new monolithic floor and then again to arrange a sexual covering. The owner faces such necessity extremely seldom. Usually necessity for coupler replacement is found out only at replacement of a part of a covering - having removed an old tile, you unexpectedly find out that the basis all is covered by cracks and cavities. There is nothing, it is necessary to fill in the new basis. Calm itself that it is not necessary to do the second time of it - following works of such plan should be conducted already to your grandsons.

So, for good reason. Having removed a covering, moisten the basis with water - by the time of packing it should be in regular intervals damp, but without puddles on separate sites. Lay on premise perimetre majachnye rejki in height 5-6 sm and fill in a solution or a concrete mix. If the repaired site is insignificant enough, the solution layer is condensed zatirkoj and smoothing. Do not forget to make zheleznenie a surface - before last zatirkoj fill up a floor dry cement and rub it in the basis. The laid out layer of a solution should "seize" and a little settle. Within several days it is necessary to moisten the new basis in regular intervals, without supposing drying of separate sites.

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