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the Ceramic tile

Advantage of a ceramic tile - ease of cleaning and disinfection. For this reason the tile is irreplaceable for a floor covering in a bathroom, a bathroom. A tile stack on a cement basis. A unique lack which was at a tile until recently - its coldness, - now we will easily eliminate. Cables of system of the heating, built in in the cement basis, do a cold ceramic tiled or stone floor warm and cosy.

Packing of a ceramic tile

This kind of painting and decorating is combined enough and demands special attention and unconditional performance of all recommendations stated more low. Before the beginning of works it is necessary to prepare all tools and adaptations.

The Choice of materials for facing of surfaces depends on conditions of their operation. So, (in places of facing of the equipment) it is expedient to apply to facing by tiles of a bathroom, a toilet and kitchen ceramic glazurovannye tiles in the sizes 150X150X5X6 mm. Glass tiles of the same sizes will approach for facing of internal surfaces of the domestic subsidiary premises demanding regular damp cleaning more. Polywashing tiles, as well as ceramic, it is possible to use for bathroom and toilet facing.

To external facing of the house apply only those ceramic tiles which are intended for facades of buildings. Tiles in the sizes concern them 48X48X4, 120X65X7, 150X75X7, 250Х65Х10 and 250Х140Х10 mm. For facing of facades it is possible to use also tiles from limestone, a tufa and other materials, and for socle facing - large of glushenogo glasses. The facade and a socle revet also with plates from the decorative concrete, made directly on a site.

The Temperature indoors during packing of a ceramic tile should be not more low +15°С. On the basis (the panel of overlapping or a cement coupler) keeps within a waterproofing, then it becomes covered by a cement mortal layer (three-four parts of the sifted sand on one part of cement). First of all, do preliminary packing - beginning from a distant wall and moving in a direction to a door, display a tile on colours, being conformed to the chosen drawing or arrangement order.

Often happens so that equal at first sight walls appear in actual fact "wavy". Having spread out to a floor a tile, you also can make this not palatable opening. To avoid visual "warp" of a floor concerning a wall, before an apportion along two opposite walls stack so-called "majachnye" rejki. They will help sorientirovat tile numbers of strictly, perpendicularly door, without giving in to error because of following "an equal" wall. The height majachnyh reek should correspond to definitive height of a tiled floor taking into account a thickness of a layer of a solution. After that the tile spread out on a floor again collect, already on numbers, and display piles at a door. If you do not rely on own memory, it is possible to mark piles, for example, so: "a number 1, foot 1", "a number 1, foot 2" etc.

Before the packing a tile presoak for fifteen-twenty minutes in water or an one-percentage solution of chloride calcium to increase force shvatyvanija. It is possible to be limited and simple okunaniem before the laying. Stack a tile from a corner, on rather narrow (on two-three numbers) a solution layer. Extreme tiles should defend from a wall on 4-5 mm. Stacking the first tile among, do not forget to recede from a wall for the width frizovoj the tiles which place while occupies majachnaja rejka.

Having laid all tiles of a number, except the first and last, on majachnye rejki stack equal brusok and, tapping on it with a hammer, rebuff tiles to identical level. The acted solution cautiously delete. Then the same operation repeat with following number, and so on. Having laid and having levelled all numbers, clean majachnye rejki and on their place in the same way stack frizovye tiles or a plinth. In three days the blank seams between tiles necessarily close up the cement test (one part of cement on one part of small sand). Surpluses of a solution delete at once from a surface of tiles.

For good fastening of a solution a covering fall asleep a layer of small sawdust or cover with a wet sacking which within two weeks should be moistened with water regularly.

Small cunnings

If at you near at hand is not present stekloreza, you can cut a tile a sharp side of the broken file or any other tool made of firm metal, and also an edge of a chisel or a knife from tverdosplavnoj steels. Pay attention that in this case force of pressing by the tool on a tile should be bolshej, than at use stekloreza.

If the tile is laid on floors, to cut a tile not necessarily. Instead tiles which do not find room in any to a number, stack in deepenings at the basis of walls for what in this place specially cut plaster. It is necessary to fill such deepenings with a cement mortal later.

If you, revetting walls, put a tile on glue it is necessary for you to attach a small slice of plasticine which will not give to a tile to the middle of the back party of each tile will fall off a wall while glue hardens.

For achievement of flatness of a seam at facing of walls by a tile between tiles insert wire skoby or nails of identical calibre which then are necessary for removing.

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