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Linoleum Packing is carried out in all premises of apartment, except for a toilet and a bathroom. Besides rolled linoleumov different width (to 4, there is also samoklejushchajasja a linoleum tile from PVC. It is issued the different sizes and colours, and in some cases even it is more preferable than a rolled covering. A necessary condition - the surface under such tile should be whenever possible smooth, differently in due course the tile can come unstuck.

the Spadework

Floors can be arranged directly on continuous ferro-concrete panels or on panels from wood-fiber plates (hardboard). At packing of thin linoleum substrate presence, for example orgalitovoj, - is obligatory. It considerably will facilitate and will accelerate work on a covering flooring. First of all it is necessary to clear carefully an old floor of a dirt and to wash out hot water with soda. The dried out basis ground a layer of the diluted mastic or glue. After a first coat put mastic on the linoleum basis, allow to dry out and lay. If linoleum packing occurs on an old deal floor or a parquet, all spadework is conducted, as well as at nastilke a parquet. The cracked deal floor or strongly damaged parquet is necessary for closing wood-fiber plates.

For each kind of linoleum the certain type of glue and mastic approaches: for linoleumov on teploizolirujushchej to an underlying cause it is better to use dispersive glues, without an underlying cause - on the basis of synthetic pitches and rubbers. Linoleumy on a fabric basis krepjat on dispersive glues, and also on mastics and glues on the basis of bitumens, including on bitumno-synthetic glue. Linoleum on a felt basis do not paste (felt can slipnutsja and will lose properties of a heater). If you buy linoleum of import manufacture, demand from the seller the Russian certificate - all import linoleumy should have certificates on ecological safety.

Before definitive packing of its linoleum it is necessary to spread in a place and to leave to have a complete rest on two-three days.

the Label linoleum

the Basic operations on nastilke linoleum on a hardboard: and - drawing on a floor of hot bitumen; - bitumen levelling; in - hardboard packing; g - shpatlevka cracks between hardboard sheets; d - raskatka a roll; e packing of the levelled linoleum on mastic; Start to glue from a window then pass to a site at a door. Before to put glue, a linoleum panel unbend from the basis on half of length and for a while fix in this condition. On the basis and an internal surface of linoleum by means of rubber or metal shpatelja put gluing structure (a layer about 0,4 mm). Thus do not forget to leave along an edge not missed the mark strip in width of 10-12 sm for the subsequent joining of panels.

the Basic operations on nastilke linoleum on a hardboard: - prirezka linoleum; z - prodab mastic of seams; and - a clip of edges Having finished a label of one part of a panel, pass to a label another, and the first leave under cargo. Joining of panels is made after glue drying, but not earlier than in three days after gluing. This time is necessary for initial usadki linoleum. Using a special knife, prirezajut joints of adjacent panels of linoleum. Both panels of linoleum prirezajut simultaneously, deleting thus scraps. Having unbent linoleum, coat with glue the basis and edges of panels then press them to the basis and on a seam stack cargo. After fastening of seams and prodabs their mastic pass to work with plinths. If you use wooden plinths, beat them or screw screws on stoppers in walls and partitions.

Attention! To beat a plinth to a floor it is impossible. Plinths establish so that they concerned, but did not press a linoleum panel.

Repair linoleum

Linoleum is in the habit to be wiped sooner or later, and even to be torn in the most "loaded" places. However, it not so is terrible - as well as at parquet repair, it is possible to limit repair to replacement of the damaged site. The scraps which have remained from a flooring of linoleum will be useful for partial repair to you.

On the spoilt site impose a new piece of linoleum, then simultaneously cut both pieces - new and replaced. If your linoleum has drawing, watch its combination. After a cutting the become unfit for use fragment take out and clear a place under it of a dust, sand and a dirt. From the rests gluing a place smooth out, depending on glue type, water or gasoline. Then the piece of new linoleum is pasted on the above described technology.

In summary we will tell about two types of a covering for floors - a tile and a carpet floor .

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