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the Parquet

Many consider that the parquet is the same deal floor only typed from small plates of the identical form, forming on a floor various patterns. But to think so - huge, inexcusable simplification. A parquet - plates not simply connected among themselves. Parquet floors of ancient palaces and royal castles are considered till now as an art subject. The good set from the known master of the last century at auction can cost rather and rather serious money.

Advantage of a parquet floor in comparison with any other type of a sexual covering is present, never a growing old glamour. The parquet was at all times a sign not only a high prosperity, but good, refined taste. Correctly and with taste picked up for colour and a structure, laid with observance of all rules and norms, the parquet floor will serve you faithfully many years and never will cease to please an eye. The parquet floors checked up by time can be produced both from a piece parquet, and from parquet boards. They possess high aesthetic advantages, are ecologically pure, perfectly approach for premises. To lay a parquet it is possible on ferro-concrete panels, couplers from a cement-sandy solution, to wood-fiber plates. Thus special attention turn on humidity of the basis, it should be minimum, without exceeding accordingly 4, 5 and 12%.

the Piece parquet

Before packing of a piece parquet it is necessary to level carefully the concrete basis, to ground cracks and hollows of 25% th water solution polivinilatsetatnoj emulsii and to putty them. Then, after basis drying, it is possible to stack a parquet. Along a premise stretches for orientation majachnyj a cord along which on the basis shpatelem the layer of bitumen mastic about 1 mm is located in the thickness. On it, with observance of the chosen drawing ("in a fur-tree", "straight line", "square" and many other things, under your discretion), the first row of parquet tiles-klepok keeps within. The parquet usually gives all the best in a direction from a window to a door. Backlashes between separate klepkami should not be more than 0,3 mm, they incorporate in shpunt and are adjusted by easy blows on an edge bottom. Between numbers of a parquet and walls the backlash nearby 1,5см which is closed by plinths is left.

Other way of a flooring - on nails. The technics does not differ almost from above described. But unlike a label, parquet packing on nails is carried out only on the basis from wood-fiber plates. First of all, pull on the center of a premise a cord (perpendicularly window). Then lay dry three-four pairs klepok under an inclination in 45 ° so that corners klepok settled down under a cord. Now beat first two laths, behind them two numbers klepok, located on the right and to the left of majachnogo a cord. Spreading other numbers, hammer in a crest in shpunt before laid klepki and fix nails (one nail - in a face groove, others two - in longitudinal). Driving in nails, have them at an angle and necessarily utaplivajte hats dobojnikom zapodlitso with wood.

Parquet boards

Except piece, there is also other kind of a parquet - parquet boards. Parquet boards stack in light direction, and in corridors - in a direction of movement of people. Such parquet lay on the logs laid in a sandy layer or on a continuous sound-proof lining (DSP). In the latter case boards stack along walls of a premise and "put" on mastic. The distance between boards and one of walls should not exceed 2 Boards see logs are fastened among themselves in a groove and in a crest. Originally a number is put on majachnomu to a cord on distance by of 1-1,5 sm from a wall, the subsequent numbers move up to earlier laid and press, nailing up length 5-6 sm under an inclination in 45 ° in the basis of a board and in a log.

The Relative humidity of a premise supposed at work, should not exceed 60%.

the Panel board parquet

Various types tsiklej One more kind of a parquet - a panel board parquet. It consists of a basis (a so-called basis-board) and pasted on it parquet klepok. This ready "sandwich" has the square form and the standard sizes: the thickness - 54 mm and dimensions 80x80 or 100x100 see the Parquet laths pasted on a basis, also the standard sizes: 7 or 8 mm in the thickness and 3x15 sm on the parties. The panel board parquet, certainly, is more convenient piece, he does not demand specially prepared basis and steletsja directly on logs. However this advantage can turn back a lack - connection of boards should pass on the center a log, and for this purpose distance between logs should coincide with the sizes of boards.

The Flooring of a panel board parquet begins with packing majachnyh numbers. On distance of the size of a board plus of 1 sm along two adjacent walls pull two cords crossed at right angle and on them in the form of letter G stack two numbers of boards. After packing and fastening of the first board in grooves put connecting rejki, on which nasazhivajut the next board. Boards draw to logs nails. The laid parquet clear of a dust and dust and wipe a damp rag. Now it should be levelled a plane or sherhebelem. A direction of movement of the tool - only along wood fibres of a tile.

After drying on a surface of tiles there is a pile. It remove the special tool - tsiklej (sm drawing). If parquet tiles - from wood of firm breeds, tsiklevanie do some times. A ready parquet carefully clear, dry and varnish or mastic. These structures are poisonous and demand safety measures. Usually enough three-four varnish coats with careful prosushivaniem each of them. Rub a parquet with various mastics (oak - water, others - waterless) and rub with a brush with a rigid bristle or a floor polisher.

Care of a parquet floor and its repair

the Basic operations at repair of parquet floors: and, 6 - removal damaged klepki, in - removal of a crest with klepki, g — pouring, bitumen mastic the Parquet will serve to you belief and the truth many years. Nevertheless, while in service small repair, for example replacement of one of tiles (klepok) (drawings see) can be demanded.

the Basic operations at repair of parquet floors: d - packing new klepki; e - tsiklevka the restored site For replacement taken off or become unfit for use klepki carefully clear the basis, itself klepku proshkurivajut, that is remove a layer of old glue, if necessary grind off end faces.

On new or restored old klepku put glue, for example, epoksidnyj then establish into place and leave under cargo within days. After that the replaced site "pass" a plane and scrape.

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