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Rules of a lining of communications

Now - some important rules on a lining of communications in general. All bringing pipelines should have reliable isolation against corrosion. Standard depth of a bookmark of the pipeline for the Midland makes 170-180 Such depth see guarantees pipes from peremerzanija even in the severe frosts.

For the water drain it is necessary to use only pig-iron pipes or plastic the big diameter. Seeming simplicity of work with a steel pipe will turn back superfluous expenses - term of its service in comparison with standard pig-iron is extremely small. The minimum diameter of a sewer pipe - 30-40 mm, the minimum angle of slope on a horizontal site - 35 °. Whenever possible it is necessary to avoid such horizontal arrangement; if sanitary technician in your house well it is not grouped in any way round two struts, it is better to provide the third, than to pull "thread" through a floor. If on one strut sanitary devices on each floor "sit" some, the water drain strut should not have the deaf person of the top end.

The Ends of pipes are deduced on an attic or even on a roof, in this case in a pipe is not created razrjazhenie if you, for example, lower water from "jacuzzi".

Pipes on which in your dwelling water moves, necessarily should have the control gate on an input. It settles down in an accessible place and should be protected from peremerzanija. Working position of the control gate - is opened". It is necessary only in cases if it is required to block urgently water inflow on input (for example, for internal repair of communications). The Same gates should be established before each consumer (an element santehoborudovanija), whether it be a toilet bowl, a bath or heating system (if at you steam batteries). Thus the separate gate should be on "a cold" and"hot"pipe.

All cranes and gates should pass in due time routine inspection (check of integrity of linings and other elements, reliability of lock-out). It you will secure yourselves against an unexpected flood.

Here, in brief, all necessary data which will be necessary for you at an independent lining of communications.

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