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house Building
Designing of houses
Building materials
the Base
Internal partitions
Balconies and verandahs
roof Building
Internal ladders
Windows and doors
Laid floors
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Internal furnish and repair
heating System
the Floor in the house
Plaster works
Furnish of walls
premise Furnish
Facing by a tile
Works with a ceiling
Pasting by wall-paper
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Design of an interior
About design of an interior
the Vestibule
In a bathroom
the General room
the Children's room
the Balcony and a loggia
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Style and a cosiness
About style and a cosiness in The house
the Color climate
Curtains and carpets
Illumination. Light circle
Furniture in a new way
the Non-standard interior
the Wall from furniture
the apartment Equipment
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Building materials

We Will answer, without applying for originality that houses build of building materials which are classified to destination, to a technical sign and a way of manufacturing.

For us most important first parametre - appointment. Proceeding from it, we will allocate, first of all, constructional materials, of what build houses, teploizoljatsionnye and acoustic for maintenance warmly - and sound insulation, waterproofing, roofing, germetezirujushie, finishing and other. We will characterise at least major of them: constructional materials , the materials used at drawing up of solutions , roofing materials , materials from wood , teploizoljatsionnye materials and products , finishing materials

In addition on a theme "Building ьр=хЁшры№":

Constructional materials
the Materials used at drawing up of solutions
Roofing materials
Materials from wood
Teploizoljatsionnye materials and products
Finishing materials

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