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Tools and adaptations

Certainly, at installation of internal partitions and overlappings you have considered the future arrangement sanitary technicians and ways of a lining of communications. Now, when the box is ready, - it is a high time to be engaged in their lining. What for this purpose it is required? Except, by itself, pipes, following tools and adaptations are necessary to you: nozhovka on metal, a vice, a die for narezanija carvings, a set of files and keys (drawing see).

the Key nut razvodnoj

In a sense - a universal key for work with cut details of the different sizes. But! In work demands care; the put effort should not be too big. The adjustable spanner "holds" much more smaller loadings, than any another. Press the handle only a palm, to lean on an adjustable spanner in all weight it is impossible!

Adjustable spanners are numbered, to each number sootvetstvuetopredelennyj the maximum size of a pharynx. So, the maximum size of a pharynx of a key №1 - 12 mm, at a key №2 it makes 19 mm, at №3 - 24, at "four" - 30, numbers the fifth and the sixth have the maximum size, accordingly, 36 and 46 mm.

the Key trumpet lever

For rotation of round subjects (a pipe, mufty), and also details with sides (heads of cranes, nuts, bolts). Works by a principle of jamming of a pipe between sponges. The basic effort needs to be put to the motionless lever.

Tools for work with pipes: - a die; z - a file flat; and - a file round; to - a vice Tools for work with pipes: and – a wrench bilaterial; – a wrench razvodnoj; in – a key trumpet; g – passatizhi; d – trubtsina; e – nozhovka on metal Lever keys happen five sizes. Diameters of pipes which the key of this or that number can capture:

  • № 1 - 10-36 mm;
  • № 2 - 20-50 mm;
  • № 3 - 20-63 mm;
  • № 4 - 25-90 mm;
  • № 5 - 32-120 mm.

On new keys the minimum and maximum sizes of a pharynx are specified.

At work with any keys adhere to the important rule: never it is impossible to extend the lever, putting on, for example, the handle a scrap of a pipe for effort increase. Each key is calculated on certain effort, and such "creativity" will lead sooner or later to tool breakage (at the best) or to a serious trauma.

Except the above described tool, for an independent lining of communications following adaptations be required to you.


the Device truboreza: 1 - the handle; 2 - the screw; 3 - a roller; 4 - the case; 5 - polzun the Name speaks for itself. This piece with success will replace nozhovku on metal; in some cases (at work with pipes of the big diameter) truborez it is more preferable, as allows to make a cut "purely" whereas the cloth nozhovki is inevitably cunning aside.

the Operating procedure with truborezom

The Case truboreza put on preliminary fixed pipe and rotate the handle before contact of a roller-cutting torch with a pipe wall. a two-columned clip: 1 - the basis; 2 - the check; 3 - a tightening prism; 4 - a column; 5 - the case; 6 - the screw; 7 - the lever Then the handle follows dokrutit on 1/4 turns so that the roller ran into a pipe. After that drive truborez forward-back, gradually passing a circle; a place of cutting do not forget to moisten with oil or to pour water. After the circle is described completely, tighten the handle and all process repeat. The cut place should be smoothed out a file to get rid of agnails.

the Clip trumpet

All works (pipe cutting truborezom or nozhovkoj, narezanie carvings, etc.) are made with the fixed pipes. That it is reliable to fix a pipe, a vice will approach also, but the trumpet clip is more reliable. The most convenient - a two-columned clip. Clips approach for fixing of pipes in diameter to 60 mm. The clip demands motionless fastening on a metal workbench or a wooden pack. SHlitsy a clip it is necessary to correct a file in process of operation.

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