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Floors on logs

On logs or the beams established over a socle floors are laid in premises and on verandahs. Logs settle down in parallel windows, the thickness makes them approximately 5см, width - 10-12. A support for a log concrete or brick columns as section 25x25 and height 14см serve. The brick undertakes only red, well burnt, silicate it is impossible to use. The top bricks in a column should lie perpendicularly log. Thus consider that the distance between axes a log should make 40-50 sm, distance from walls to extreme a log 3 sm equal, and between columns lengthways logs - 100-110 sm or are less at more thin logs. Logs on wooden linings in the sizes about 15x25 sm and a minimum in 2,5см which are isolated by two layers of roofing material keep within thickness. It is necessarily necessary to achieve that all logs lay strictly horizontally at one level. To level them is most easier it is possible change of linings or podkladyvaniem in need of scraps of boards of a various thickness. Both logs, and linings necessarily antiseptirujutsja.

Deal floors

a deal floor Flooring on logs: 1 – a sexual board; 2 – a log; 3 – a wooden lining; 4-roofing material; a 5-brick column; 6 – the basis Usually they are laid from shpuntovannoj boards sorokovki in the width to 15 the Board see is cut on 2-3 sm more shortly length of a premise, its internal and lateral surfaces are processed by an antiseptic tank. The first board keeps within on distance of one and a half centimetres from a wall on a case of admissible deformations, its groove should be turned towards a wall. Hammered naklonno of 6-7 sm are drawn by nails in length of a board to logs. Hats of nails necessarily utaplivajutsja. On the next boards year layers of wood should be directed every which way, the floor thus turns out the most equal. End faces should be adjusted with the greatest accuracy, and, besides, it is necessary to watch, that the joint of the next boards if their length is less than length of a premise, settled down on logs (see Drawing). Each following number is laid with a groove nozzle on a crest of already strengthened boards. This connection by hammer blows through a wooden lining, and already rallies then the board definitively fastens nails.

If you are compelled to use boards with humidity above 12%, it is not necessary krepit them at once "tightly", later, after Splachivanie of boards of a floor drying all the same it is necessary to rally a floor, to rearrange boards. Therefore to begin with it is enough only nazhivit of them. The jarred on boards are better for stacking alternately upwards and downwards, and then it is dense under-dr to each other wedges (sm drawing). After packing of boards the plinths closing cracks between a floor and a wall fasten on places. They are beaten through each 1-1,5 m by nails to walls or the wooden stoppers inserted in drilled within the precincts of aperture. For a joint of plinths on room corners their ends cut off at an angle in 45 °, "on a moustache". The laid boards of a floor are levelled by a plane or scraped.

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Floors on a ground

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