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Floors on a ground

On a ground it is more favourable to do floors in uninhabited premises, cellars, economic constructions. In business almost any material which you have is thus started up. The most simple variant thus a pise-walled floor which is quite suitable for outdoor subsidiary premises. He does not demand even the device obligatory in other cases of concrete preparation. All is reduced to consecutive packing of two layers of clay with rubble and dense trambovke them.

If you have cement enough concrete preparation in the form of a layer shchebenchatogo a solution at first becomes, on it the heat-insulation layer from keramzita or slag which is blocked by a cement coupler is filled. On it it is already laid DVP, linoleum or is put a ceramic tile. The same cement mortal, as for a coupler is thus used. If there is a possibility, it is good on slag or keramzit to put also a layer firm mineralovatnyh plates.

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Floors on logs

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