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the Roof

Very many, certainly, depends on you will do a roof of what materials. So, the tile roof will serve not less than 60 years, it is fire-resistant, but its square metre together with obreshetkoj will weigh to 120 kg. The fire-resistant slate roof is calculated years on 20, it weighs much less-35 kg square metre. The roof from a steel sheet is considered semifire-resistant, it is even easier, to 15 kg on square metre together with obreshetkoj, at normal operation term of its service makes 30 years. Roofing felt or the roofing material put in 2 layers, will serve years 10-12, the square metre of such combustible roof even is heavier steel, it weighs to 24 kg. Depends on a material and a roof angle of slope. At use of a tape and grooving tile, slate it makes 35-45 °, zhelobchatoj tiles 12-18 °, a steel sheet 16-22 ° and roofing material from 5 to 22 °.

the Metal roof

At the device of a metal roof sheets of a roofing steel keep within only On obreshetke from bruska section 5x5 the sm, placed through everyone 27см. To do The continuous flooring is impossible, since. In this case not aired inside Sheet will strongly rust. Boards are laid only on a roof ridge, under razzhelobki And karniznye descents.

the Device of a metal roof: 1 – a wall trench; 2 – a tray; 3 – a dropper; 4 – a picture; 5 – a double picture; single sheets, and so-called pictures two or three sheets connected by a fold on the short party Keep within more often not. On the right side of sheet the fold is bent by height 3,5 sm, with left - 2 the lying folds Shown in drawing see become on the face parties of sheets so that otgib above lying sheet found on otgib the sheet located more low. The standing fold is unbent in corners of pictures.

the Device of a metal roof: 6 – an unary fold; 7 – a double fold; 8 – kljamery; 9 – crutches; 10 – obreshetka; 11 - a lying fold; 12 - a standing fold; 13 - kljamery the Type of connection of single sheets in pictures depends on degree of a bias of a roof. If it makes less than 16 ° sheets incorporate in a picture more reliable and providing maximum vlagonepronitsaemost a double fold in height of 4 and 7 sm from the different parties of sheet. Connections, besides, are necessarily closed up by miniate putty on drying oil. Thus corners of sheets are cut off in places of a bend of edges for width of a bend. At a bias of a roof more than 16 ° pictures incorporate unary folds. The lying double condensed fold the in width of 1 sm incorporate sheets across a slope.

To obreshetke pictures fasten so-called kljamerami strips became in the length 15 and in the width 2 see Are put kljamery approximately through each 130 sm or more often at the big bias of a roof. They settle down in places zakroja and in the middle of sheet. Kljamer it is passed in a standing fold between sheets, it is bent together with a fold and nails fastens to lateral faces of bars obreshetki.

On the roof ridge the roof crest is carried out otgibami from end faces of the top sheets in width in 3 sm on the one hand a slope and 6 sm on the other hand. Bends of sheets in folds and crests should be carried out accurately if thus in some places lags behind otsinkovka necessarily them paint over.

For protection of a building against water on a roof eaves are closed up, arranged a trench, razzhelobki and hinged pipes. For eaves covering on svesu roofs to obreshetke are beaten steel crutches in the sizes 45x2,5 Floorings see become with carrying out on 10-15 sm from obverse edge karniznoj boards through 60-70 Kapelnik from otvorotnoj a tape densely clasping the bottom end of a crutch see, takes places on the bottom edge of trigger sheets of a roof. Their top edges fasten to obreshetke nails. After that, with a bias to drainpipes, keep within wall a trench.

the Tile

the Tile roof: and – from grooving shtampovachnoj tiles; – from a grooving tape tile As a material for a roof the tile is tested within many millenia. It is durable, fire-resistant, but is heavy, therefore demands strong rafters and obreshetki. The tile roof (drawing see) well looks, does not demand leaving, colouring, etc., and its repair is reduced to replacement of the broken tiles by the whole. About section of rafters and an angle of slope at tile use already it was told above, and the section obreshetochnyh bruskov depends on distance between rafters. If this distance makes 1м, 1,4 and 1,8м the section will be accordingly equal 4,5x4,5, 5x5 and 6x6 see

The Grooving tape tile keeps within with napuskom of the same kind on another, equal 7-8 sm and one tile on another for width of a longitudinal groove. Only for width of grooves becomes napusk at a grooving stamped tile. At naveshivanii tiles on obreshetku it through a number is fixed kljamerami or a wire, tile sheets are hooked thus by a thorn. Seams are closed up from within, from outside an attic izvestkovoglinistym by a solution. The tile adjoining an edge on a slope, in the area of an adjunction is chopped off, the crack is closed up by the same solution.

Konkovaja a tile keeps within on a roof ridge so that its edges blocked sheets of an ordinary tile adjoining the fad. The solution thus is better for using tsementnoizvestkovyj, but also, it is necessary to adhere from within, from outside an attic, konkovuju a tile through one to hammered in obreshetku or rafters to nails. With napuskom 15 sm keep within preliminary pritesannye edges of tiles on razzhelobki. For a covering of the last the roofing steel laid on continuous obreshetke

is used

the Slate roof

The Slate roof is used till now not only in auxiliary, economic constructions, garden small houses, but also in apartment houses. Big enough sizes of sheets lead to reduction of quantity of joints that increases protection against water. Slate sheets as on obreshetke from rejki, a bar, and on a continuous board flooring keep within. Last variant provides the best thermal protection. That seams of overlappings appeared over a board or bruskom obreshetki, the distance between them should be equal 53 see

The Average size napuska slate sheets against each other at their packing should be approximately to equal size of one wave of a bend of sheet. There are two ways of packing: vrazbezhku when their longitudinal edges are in different places, and with combination of edges on one straight line. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare sheets, having cut off their corners that in recut places were not formed utolshchennye seams into which the rain will get and to be hammered snow in the winter.

The Operations procedure at a flooring of a slate roof should be the following. First of all it is beaten levelling rejka to svesu obreshetki and in 7 sm from bruska svesa the cord stretches. It is necessary that the first sheets have been laid without warps, strictly as the crow flies.

Further the right corners of sheets are cut off in the event that their packing will be conducted from right to left, and on the contrary. The sizes of a cut usually make 12-14 sm on length of sheet and 10,3 sm on width. For what it is necessary to do such cuts, it has already been told. On a roof ridge obmetochnymi boards from two parties it is fixed brusok by cross-section section 7x9 its Acting end see is isolated by roofing material and closed konkovymi by elements KPO which wide bell should be directed towards a pediment, and on the other hand КПО-2 which should block the first element on 10 the Same operation see can be executed by means of the roofing zinced iron bent under the necessary form. On either side of the fad thus should be napusk not less than 20 Seams between slate sheets see are closed up by a cement solution.

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