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Depending on an arrangement of a front entrance the verandah is placed along a house facade from outside by streets or along a house end face when it the basic part leaves on a court yard. Verandahs build glazed or opened. In summertime of year they are used as vacation spot, a dining room, a bedroom, and in the winter the glazed verandah serves as a thermal sluice before an input in a lobby. On verandahs arrange premises for storage of products. Length of a verandah accept 3,5-5,0, width not less than 1,8 m. the Area of verandahs should be 6-8 м2.

Verandah Walls do of boards which sew on a bearing skeleton. Under walls of verandahs arrange the bases tape or stolbchatye in the sizes in the plan 400X400 mm with step of columns of 1200-1500 mm. The skeleton consists from obvjazok bottom on which establish racks, and top, leaning against racks. A skeleton do from wooden bruskov 100Х100 mm. The distance between racks is accepted by 0,6-1,0 m.

In places of door and window apertures establish racks the distance between which should correspond to width of apertures. Racks establish also in places of an adjunction of one wall of a verandah to another. Racks with top and bottom obvjazkami connect thorns 5X5X5 sm and fasten skobami, ustanavlivav mymi on one on both ends of racks. Obvjazki, racks and crossbars can be connected also nails.

Bottom obvjazku krepjat skrutkami to the anchors which have been closed up in a stone socle or in the base through 2 m. Anchors produce of 10-12 mm from a round steel in diameter, in the length 40 sm so that the anchor hook came into a laying not less than on 30 the Ends bottom see and top obvjazok connect among themselves vpoldereva. All connections obvjazok carry out over racks. Bottom obvjazku stack on the surface of a socle levelled by a solution, preliminary having laid a waterproofing course from roofing material or roofing felt.

Door and window boxes krepjat nails to crossbars and racks. From lateral aspect a verandah skeleton sew up strogannymi with boards vchetvert. After installation of a skeleton a stack do socle overlapping of a verandah. Overlapping beams carry out from boards section 50Х Х150 mm, antiseptirujut and stack in a short direction of a verandah with step of 500-600 mm. One end a beam opirajut on bottom obvjazku a skeleton and krepjat nails, and other end of a beam get in special nests of a stone socle of the house. The ends of the beams leaning against a stone socle, for the length paste over of 0,5 m with roofing felt or roofing material in two layers.

For warming of walls of a verandah an interval between two coverings fill teploizoljatsionnym with a material in which quality it is possible to apply mineralovatnye plates, sawdust with addition to exhaust and alabaster, soft DVP, etc.

The Roof in a verandah arrange odnoskatnoj. In the beginning over a verandah wall on its short party stack beams nakata section 50Х100 mm with step of 600 mm. Beams one end opirajut on top obvjazku a skeleton with fastening by nails, get other end in a nest of a brick wall. Then stack stropilnye beams of a verandah section 50Х150 mm with step of 600 mm end-to-end to beams nakata. Stropilnye beams one ends stack on mauerlat, laid on a brick wall of a building, others on top obvjazku verandah walls. Fix them as follows. On a brick wall stropilnuju the foot is covered skrutkoj from two provolok in diameter by 4 mm and assign the probe or a ruff hammered into a wall on distance of 0,25-0,30 m from top. On a verandah wall stropilnuju a foot krepjat nails to top obvjazke and a beam nakata. To stropilnym to beams beat obreshetku from wooden bruskov or boards distance between which and their thickness depend on an applied kind of a roof.

At the device of a roof of a verandah it is necessary for starting under the basic roof of the house on 120-100 mm. Places of interface of a roof of the house with a verandah roof close up tsementnopeschanym a solution of mark 100. Eaves and end faces of rafters of a verandah sew up with boards. After the device of a roof a verandah skeleton in the thickness of 16 mm, to which krepjat DVP from the inside board, plywood, a cardboard, others plitnye materials which should close skeleton joints. On beams of socle overlapping stack boards of a floor in the thickness of 28-40 mm, and to beams nakata garret overlapping file a ceiling from boards.

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