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Arrange balconies in mansard two-storeyed houses and in houses with apartments in Two levels. A balcony - konsolno-balochnaja the system consisting of the bearing design, Floor and a protection. The start of balconies is accepted usually to 1 m. by Bearing parts mount from the modular ferro-concrete plates jammed by one party in a wall and attached in places of a jamming by welding to steel anchors, closed up in a wall. Balcony plates reliably can be closed up only in massive enough walls. Console elements of balconies in buildings with stone walls close up in a laying. In a brick wall the balcony plate is got on all length and cooks with several ankernymi the cores which have been let out from a ferro-concrete crosspiece over an aperture of an underlaying floor. Level of top of a balcony plate it is necessary to have below wearing floor level on 5-8 see

For protection of a ferro-concrete plate against a moisture over it paste a waterproofing carpet from rolled materials (roofing material, roofing felts) on which stack a cement floor. The balcony floor should have a bias from a building not less than 2%. A threshold of a balcony door place above a balcony floor on 10-12 the Height of protections of balconies see there should be not less than 1000 mm. Protections carry out from the steel lattices consisting of racks and hand-rail. Racks of lattices produce of 20-40 mm from steel cores or pipes in diameter. Them close up in a plate of a balcony or weld on mortgage elements of a plate.

Steel draughts of hand-rail carry out from a strip 50X5 mm at length of a hand-rail to 3 m, and at bolshej to free length strengthen a corner 75X50X6 mm, Hand-rail zaankerivajut in walls. It is possible to cover steel hand-rail with an overlay from wood of firm breeds. To a protection of balconies apply also flat or wavy asbestotsementnye sheets, which krepjat to a steel lattice on screws and kljammerah.

Balconies can be executed from a tree with a start of 0,8-0,9 m. Bearing console beams of a balcony carry out from wooden bruskov 100X200 mm. Console beams close up in massive brick walls on depth not less than 250 mm. For anchoring within the precincts of beams on their ends in a cross-section direction bolts krepjat metal corners in length 300, the sizes 75X75X6 mm or a strip from a steel 100X8 mm. Beams close up in a wall with step of 700-800 mm, antiseptirujut, and the ends put in brick walls, cover with two layers of roofing material or pergamina. To console beams bolts of M 1 2 krepjat racks from boards in the sizes 40X100 mm. Each rack fastens to a beam two bolts.

Over the console stack longitudinal beams from boards in the sizes 50X100 mm with step of 400-450 mm and krepjat nails. For increase of rigidity of a design of a balcony in longitudinal beams - before packing in business - in places of their crossing with console beams do grooves on depth of 400 mm, on which then nasazhivajut console beams.

On longitudinal beams stack the flooring of a floor carried out from boards in the thickness of 30 40 mm in shpunt and fixed to longitudinal beams by nails. Then on balcony perimetre to racks also nails krepjat protections from boards section 29X130 mm with distance in light between boards of 100-120 mm. Over racks nails krepjat a hand-rail from boards section 40Х100 mm. From sides of a balcony and protections close up hand-rail in a brick wall on 150-200 mm. Boards of a protection and a hand-rail varnish for two times, and all other wooden elements and metal anchors - an oil paint for two times.

For prevention of hit of a rain over a balcony arrange a peak. A start of a wooden peak do from a facade on 10-20, from sides - on 20-30 sm there is more than balcony start. A peak bias accept 30-35 °. The bearing design of a peak consists from stropilnyh beams, a longitudinal beam and two podkosov.

Stropilnye of a beam carry out from boards section 50X130 mm and stack of 500-600 mm with step. One end stropilnoj beams, having wound with a waterproofing, close up in a bricklaying nest, preliminary having laid on. A wooden lining section 40X100, length 200 mm. Stropilnye feet close up in a wall on depth of 130 mm, putting nests a brick and a solution.

Other end stropilnuju a beam opirajut on longitudinal which produce from a board section 50X150 mm at length of flight to 2,5 m. the Longitudinal beam opirajut on two podkosa, established on balcony lateral faces. Everyone podkos carry out from two coupled boards section 50X130 mm, connect among themselves a bar in height 280 and width 100 mm. In bruske sideways do podrezku 50X150 mm and krepjat by nails a longitudinal beam. The ends podkosov krepjat bolts to brusku, closed up in a brick wall.

Brusok section 50X150 mm one end close up in a wall on depth of 250 mm, letting out its other end from a wall for the length of 200 mm for fastening podkosov. On stropilnym to beams krepjat obreshetku from wooden bruskov also arrange a roof. In places of a joint of a roof and a wall do an apron of the zinced steel and coat with bitumen mastic.

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