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Wooden partitions

Opiranie of partitions

To achieve the greatest possible durability and stability of a design, at building of a partition of any type it is the extremely important to think over, on as as she will lean. If the partition is bearing, i.e. Beams of a ceiling or interfloor overlapping and to stand she lean against it should on beams of overlapping or logs. At an arrangement between beams the bearing partition leans against cross ties, across beams directly on beams. If ferro-concrete overlappings bearing partitions are put in any place are used. It is not necessary to put a partition on a ready floor, and under it for bolshej sound insulation the diaphragm becomes.

Types of partitions

Wooden partitions are under construction of logs, bars, boards or boards, can be karkasnoobshivnymi. Partitions from a round timber, i.e. Thin logs or a bar, in individual houses the century at all have not become obsolete. They are applied, for example, to division of a heated living room and cold kladovki. The weight of such designs is great enough, therefore and they are put only on beams. Before oshtukaturivaniem which becomes from both parties, partitions are upholstered with a shingle, and already on plaster definitive external furnish becomes.

Types of wooden partitions: and – from a round timber or a bar; in – board; 1 – obvjazka; 2 – plaster; 3 – a shingle; 4 – a round timber; 5 – rejka; 6 – a board; 7 - triangular rejka Board partitions do from stroganyh or nestroganyh boards. In the second case they are plastered, in the first external furnish directly on a tree becomes. Boards thus incorporate shpuntami, their width should make of 40-60 mm about 200 mm, a thickness. There is one old way to achieve that plastered boards then were not jarred on. For this purpose they should be split in advance an axe and to hammer into cracks in small wooden wedges.

Installation karkasnoobshivnoj partitions

This kind of partitions more thickly usual board, stand approximately as much, but provide the best preservation of heat, sound insulation, at their erection a waste of boards can be used. The skeleton obshivochnoj partitions becomes from top and bottom obvjazok section approximately 50x100 mm and racks which, depending on the sizes of a premise, take places through 0,51,2 m provided that the skeleton which width makes 10-15 is boarded see If the covering is carried out by plywood, thickness not less than 4 mm, plates of dry plaster, DVP, DSP racks are necessary for establishing more often, through each 40-50 sm, since. At bolshem distance it is possible vspuchivanie coverings at filling of emptiness zasypkoj and trambovke it.

Installation karkasno-obshivnoj partitions: a 1-rack; a 2-crosspiece; a 3-door box; 4 – the board In quality zasypki is applied dry small slag, pure or with plaster addition, shlakovata, mixes of sawdust or peat, a shaving with plaster and slaked izvestju. Plaster with slag mix up in a dry kind in the ratio 1 part of plaster on 34 parts of slag at work in the winter and on 5 summer, then water is gradually added. When the handful of a damp mix starts to keep a lump, not to be scattered, waters enough, it is necessary at once, while the mix has not hardened, to fall asleep it in emptiness of a partition. It is possible to prepare zasypku and a little differently, taking 25 volume parts of sawdust, a shaving or peat, 10 slaked to exhaust, 5 plasters. It is fallen asleep by separate layers on 20-30 sm, each of which is easily rammed.

At manufacturing of its partition top obvjazka with which it is possible to replace with two triangular rejkami, fastens to a ceiling, and bottom, or instead of it two rectangular rejki in the size about 50x50 mm, to a beam. In grooves, obrazuemye top and bottom rejkami, not getting on the one hand to a wall of centimetres on 20-25, get on one board which length should be on 1 sm of less distance from a ceiling to a beam, and push into place. Without this centimetric backlash of a board will not rise into place, it is possible further and a ceiling deposit. Two last boards are simply fixed from above and from below by separate pieces reek. In a plastered partition of a board incorporate nails hammered obliquely, in not plastered are applied shipovye connections.

At installation of a partition the order of performance of works will be the following. First of all position top and bottom obvjazok on a ceiling and to a floor is marked, then on a marking crutches fasten obvjazki. Further in places in advance prepared racks which height is equal to distance between top and bottom obvjazkami are established. Places of racks get out taking into account a door arrangement, they fasten on thorns or nails. The door box fastens to racks. In advance prepared boards completely sheathe one party of a partition. The covering is conducted by horizontal numbers from below upwards. The second party is sheathed approximately on 50-70 sm then as it was already told, between coverings with layers is located rammed zasypka. Further the covering and so, gradually, the second party is possible to top is again increased. Between a surface zasypki and a ceiling there is a crack which is closed up moistened with a plaster solution shlakovatoj or a tow.

The Ready partition is upholstered with a shingle or, if necessary to improve a thermal protection, felt from both parties and becomes covered dvadtsatimillimetrovym by a plaster coat. If as a covering sheets of dry plaster, that were applied, certainly, on them this operation is not made. In case of use damp zasypki the partition prior to the beginning oshtukaturivanija is necessary for drying well.

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