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Karkasno-panel board walls

Frame external and internal walls from ready shchitovpanelej actually are not under construction, and gather. Such panels are made from DVP, DSP, a natural tree, they can be covered by an interline interval, synthetic coverings. Stability to high humidity and temperature concerns their advantages, they are not subject usadke, is cheaper than a natural tree, the expense of materials easily is mounted, decreases.

the skeleton Device

the Device of a wooden skeleton of the panel board house: and – elements (the 1-top crossbar; 2 – an intermediate crossbar; 3 – the bottom crossbar; 4 – podkos); – the general view at building in this case serves as a Basis, a bearing design a wooden skeleton on which plates fasten. It consists of bearing, angular and ordinary racks, top and bottom obvjazok. Window and doorways are between crossbars and intermediate racks. Bearing racks are put through each 0,51,5 m taking into account the sizes of the under construction house, its doors and windows. Angular racks it is better to do of bars, private soldiers from boards in the thickness of 50-60 mm, width 100-120. Corners bottom obvjazki, mounted of bars, boards or even logs in one or two wreaths, communicate "in a half-tree". The quantity of wreaths depends on design features of the device of a floor. If floor beams are cut in obvjazku it is necessary to do it in two wreaths if lean against columns in one. podkosy, established in a plane of walls, are necessary for giving bolshej for rigidity of all design. Top obvjazka fastens from above racks skobami or direct thorns. Overlapping beams are cut into it, on them rafters are established.

Warming of walls

Emptiness in intervals of panel board walls are necessarily filled with a heater. It can be glass wool which is necessary for isolating well a film or roofing material, slag, sawdust, peat and other dry organic materials. On 85% zasypki 10% slaked are added to exhaust and 5% of plaster. Zasypka it should be stamped carefully, it therefore keeps within separate layers, not thicker 20-30 sm, and each layer is condensed separately.

Dry zasypku, giving considerable usadku, it is necessary to fall asleep in the beginning further above edges stenovyh panels, increasing the last upwards boards to 30 sm, gradually, zasypka will settle. Under windows it is better to fill space kakimlibo fibrous or plitovym with a material.

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Brick walls
Walls from easy monolithic concrete
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