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base Kinds

Some kinds of the base from various materials:) butovyj; b-butobetonnyj; in – brick on butobetonnom the basis; g – brick Now about what bases happen. On a material the most different: purely butovymi, brick, butobetonnymi, brick on butobetonnom or butovom the basis, butovymi on a sandy pillow.

tape (1 - a wall; 2 - a socle; 3 - otmostka; 4 - a cement solution; 5 - a waterproofing lining; 6 - a log; 7 - a floor) On a design the base can be continuous tape, or separate columns stolbchatym. The first variant is better for using for buildings with cellars, heavy brick or concrete walls. He does not demand especially a lot of material, stolbchatyj (1 - a rack; 2 - an anchor; 3 - a column; 4 - logs) since. It is applied at superficial zalozhenii, it is thus reliable and prochen. Materials can be used different and in a different combination.

We Will notice that there is no special sense at all height of the base to maintain identical width. The top part can be made already, on a thickness of the future wall. Durability thus does not decrease at all, and building materials are saved considerably. At use butobetona for building of the tape base on a timbering fill in a concrete layer in the thickness about 25 sm in which place butovyj a stone. Thus layers to the very top are increased. The least thickness of walls of the base from butobetona makes 35 sm, from butovogo a stone a solution 50 see

By the way, let's "open a bicycle", having recollected a way of preparation of concrete. It differs from a building solution of a mix of cement with water and that sand that the concrete structure necessarily includes rubble or gravel. Cement is necessary for mixing with sand before reception of homogeneous weight, then to add rubble, again to mix and gradually to add water. Consider that izvestkovoshlakovyj and izvestkovoputstsolanovyj cements for manufacturing of ferro-concrete elements are unsuitable and are recommended only for kladochnyh solutions. The concrete designs cast with application portlandtsementa, it is necessary to humidify within a week. At use putstsolanovogo cement this term increases twice.

Stolbchatyj the base is more often used for easy, wooden or frame constructions. Columns from well burnt red brick, butobetona, concrete are necessarily put under corners of construction and through each 1,52,5 m on perimetre under piers, beams, etc. the Minimum sizes of a brick column make 510x510 mm, butobetonnogo 600x600. They are necessary for reinforcing through each 25-30 sm on height a grid from armature or a wire.

The Top, 50 sm rising over the earth or base part on which walls are already put directly there is more, the socle is called. Its durability and stability to an adverse environment are especially important. For socle building the good red brick, concrete, a stone is used. The socle top necessarily should be equal, for this purpose it is filled in with a cement mortal, smoothed down. After solution drying the waterproofing lining is put on a socle. More in detail about it we will tell hardly more low, At stolbovom the base the socle role is played zabirka by a wall between columns which becomes usually from the same materials, as columns. Tolstoy it does not happen, becomes in a brick or a half-brick, if butovaja to 30 sm of width. In a clay ground under zabirkoj the layer of sand to 20 sm takes places in the thickness, and itself zabirka zaglubljaetsja in a ground too on 20-30 see Do not forget to leave at building in a socle or zabirke on one aperture for ventilation from each party of the house. Their standard size 140x140 mm, arrangement height should be not less than 150 mm from the earth. For the winter it is possible to hammer in these apertures wooden stoppers which by the summer should be taken out.

In addition on a theme "Иѕэфрьхэ=":

the Spadework
the Waterproofing of the bases

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