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the Spadework

the First particularly carried out work thus should consist that it will be necessary for you to remove and clean the top soil layer from a site, on it it is impossible to put the house. The thickness makes it some tens centimetres, it is rich with humus and will be put to use on a personal plot, at creation of beds, flower beds, hotbeds, etc. Having removed soil, you thereby have bared the following layer, from what it will appear, depends rather many. Is better, if a ground in which the base will be put, it will appear homogeneous. Thus a construction deposit will occur in regular intervals, without warps.

the Rocky ground is heavy for works, but does not freeze through, is not compressed and not washed away. Trenches under the base can to be punched, and to put it directly on a surface, preliminary having levelled a platform.

Gravel, a cartilage freeze through not strongly, are not washed away and not compressed. In them the base is put on depth not less than 50 see

Clay grunty are bad that vspuchivajutsja at freezing, they are capable and to be compressed, squeeze the base with force to 10 tons on square metre. In case of high humidity the base in them is better for putting on settlement depth promerzanija, as well as in all others damp gruntah.

It is easy to work on a sandy ground which freezes through a little, strongly gives under loading, well passes water. Depth of a bookmark makes from 40 to 70 see

Mixes from sand and clay are called as sandy loams if in a lump contain to 10% of clay particles, and loams, if those from 10 to 30%. They can pass water and freeze through to a miscellaneous, but nevertheless is better be reinsured and lay the foundation not less than on settlement depth promerzanija.

By the way, all these things will be considered in advance by working out of the project by experts, about necessity of that has already been told. If nevertheless you work independently standard depth promerzanija a ground to you will prompt in any design or a civil engineering firm.

Coming back to a course of works, we will notice that after removal of the top soil layer the base location, at first simply rectangle is necessary to level and note a site on it, and then full breakdown becomes., cords and a rectangular triangle pegs for this purpose will be necessary for correctness adjustment otbivki corners. Its legs of a triangle are equal 60 and 80 sm, a hypotenuse 100 see

After a marking the ground from tranches is taken out. Their depth as it was already told, depends on type of a ground, its level promerzanija, level zaleganija ground waters (further UGV). Let's allocate thus some concrete cases. So, if grunty dry enough, at low UGV and distance to it, exceeding more than on 2 m depth promerzanija a ground the base is put on depth not less than 50 see On depth promerzanija, but with the admission of replacement of a part of the base which is below 0,5 m, sand or gravel, the bookmark if in the winter UGV makes less depths promerzanija a ground plus of 2 m is made, but it is more than depth promerzanija a ground. Also on depth promerzanija or even the base if the distance from UGV to a surface is less than depth promerzanija a ground is a bit more deeply put.

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